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Lily Jay Shares Some Of The Career Challenges She Faced To Reach The Top

Hip-hop is one of the fast-growing music genres in the world. Though originally from the US, hip-hop has transcended through the years, and it’s among the internationally recognized sounds. The industry is also receiving an influx of rappers, with everyone working hard to announce their presence in the industry. The result is a highly competitive sector, with many artists competing for industry dominance.

This makes hip-hop a sound for the strong-willed and not the faint-hearted artists. You need to be a truly dedicated and passionate rapper with remarkable resilience to overcome obstacles and make your dream a reality.

Lily Jay is one of the most passionate artists rising to the mainstream. She is a gifted rapper, hitting the hip-hop scene with a distinct rap style. Lily is mostly known for her great songwriting skills that rate her ahead of the competition. Like most other artists, Lily has faced it tough trying to make a name for herself in the industry. She has had to continually work hard, facing and overcoming the many obstacles on her path to success.

Lily considers herself a self-made rapper who sought to stick to her music passion even when some of her close friends doubted her talent. She had to block her ears from the many naysayers who had nothing much to offer to her growth rather than question her abilities. Luckily, Lily is a special type of artist who found her purpose and love for hip-hop at a young age and has since grown to chase her passions.

Lily identifies her major challenge in the journey to success to be on getting the right of contacts to help her grow her talent. She was very much aware of her rap abilities, but she needed someone more experienced in the industry to help nurture her innate young talent. Lily has since mastered the art of her craft, and she is now among one of the best if not the best songwriter and rappers in the game.

Getting to establish and create a network in the industry was also a significant challenge for her. Lily says that she found it tough to get the right type of contacts, which would have helped position her strategically for more greatness. This was one of the most frustrating experiences that, at one point, she even thought of putting her music dream aside. But no matter how low she felt, her passion for the rap game proved to be much stronger, and she would constantly emerge stronger and determined than before.

Lily has since then found her footing in the hip-hop scene and is now aiming for the mainstream media. She wants to grow her presence in the industry and extend her music fan base and hopefully go globally. Lily also aspires to establish her own record label to help other aspiring artists find their success in the industry. The dream is to impact and leave a mark in the industry.