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Lifestyle guide: healthy habits by the numbers

With so many lifestyle guides available online, it’s hard to sift through every one of them and pick just one. Lucky for you, you just found one that’s beginner-friendly, easy to remember and as practical as it can get! This is the ideal guide for someone who wants to start off their lifestyle improvement journey. It’s stripped down to the basics and will help you build a good foundation for branching out into wellness, mindfulness, health, fitness and more. Commit to these healthy habits to improve your life:

9 – Thousand Steps a Day
Walk your way towards fitness! Looking at a heavy workout routine as a whole can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t used to daily exercise. But, walking is a great way to start. This low-impact exercise is great for stress reduction and an ideal way to squeeze in some movement during your spare time.

8 – Hours of Sleep
By the rule of thumb, getting eight hours of nightly zzz’s is ideal to avoid sleep deprivation. Good sleeping habits lead to good health, higher productivity and an improved mood. And don’t forget to complement it with a personal nighttime routine to improve the experience.

7 – Glasses of water
Yes, eight glasses of water are widely suggested for fluid intake. But this can actually be adjusted accordingly. For someone who has trouble drinking their fluids, you can drink a few glasses to start with and increase your intake over time. Make it a goal to drink seven glasses of water a day and when you’re ready maybe you can even get to that eighth glass!

6 – Minutes of Meditation 
If you’re skeptical about meditation but want to try to see its benefits for yourself, mini-meditation sessions are a great way to star. Take six minutes out of your day for a mindful break and see how it can soothe your senses, relax your mind and even manage stress and anxiety.