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Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of Dubai Giving something to Dubai in 2021 with his Zoo

If wild and other animals could talk, they would definitely be told Dubai is the best city to live in. When you have animal lovers like Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of Dubai, life becomes rich even for animals.

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad is known for his love and affection for animals. He is the only one who has created a beautiful Zoo, especially for animals in Dubai. It is the most amazing place you will ever see in Dubai if you are an animal lover. Yes, he created a different world for animals in Dubai. After years of service given to Dubai in Police, he is now spending more time in his private Zoo and his animals.

Animal lover Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad of Dubai, who has been moving pets into Dubai, has seen firsthand how much Dubai cares about residents’ fur babies’ welfare. He is creating a pet-friendly atmosphere in his Zoo, and his future goal is to expand his place more and more in Dubai.

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad says he is doing it not because he wants to gain from it. He is doing it because he knows it is a right and good cause.

Day in, he is doing more innovative things for his Zoo and looking to expand even more in the coming time. The motive is to create a place that becomes heaven for all the animals out there in Dubai.

Even any animal wounded or anything in the Zoo; he has kept special service for them. Doing something for the animals and plants was forever in his mind since the start, and hence he created his special Zoo for giving them a wonderful environment to grow.

So if you are an animal lover who wants to see something new in Dubai, his Zoo is a place to see some exotic animals roaming freely in the huge area created by Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad.