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Let’s Meet the Man Who is the Way Forward in Media and Entertainment – Nick McCandless

Every industry has seen the impact of digitization in the past decade, wherein the media and entertainment industry has not been an exception. Experts had long predicted that digitization would eventually bring media and entertainment to a new vantage point. However, only a rare few individuals recognized the forces that were driving this change within the industry. 

Nick McCandless has been one of the most prominent figures fueling the wave of digitization in the world of entertainment. Having become a renowned name in Hollywood back when he was only 19, Nick has established his technology and media solutions company – McCandless Group. 

Even in his early teens, Nick had been highly perceptive of the rise in virtual media and mobile technology. From the very start of this digital revolution, Nick kept looking out for favorable business opportunities and emerging avenues in the entertainment world. Being a software wiz himself, Nick had already collaborated with various well-known figures in Hollywood and helped them create custom virtual spaces for different business ventures. 

On the other hand, McCandless Group is focused entirely on helping models and influencers monetize their talent and services. Nick has closely worked with brands generating recurring revenue, and he wishes to introduce his clients to the same. With the growth of social media, an immense opportunity has presented itself to rising influencers to increase revenue and brand outreach. 

Nick McCandless has taken it upon himself to help individuals understand the mechanics behind this new possibility while closely showing them how media and entertainment work today.  Nick has driven numerous technological advancements in the industry through his keen perspective and immense experience. 

He has successfully generated millions of dollars in revenue for his clients monthly and created a network of over 250 million fans and followers. Nick claims this is merely the beginning of his journey ahead and envisions an even brighter future for his company. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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