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Lessons You Can Learn From James Ustby’s Success

According to several surveys, above 50% of Americans are unhappy at their job. Most people fantasize about how great it would be to retire early, buy that fancy car, or get that dream house. The sad reality is that—with rampant inflation and stagnant wages—if you want to have a shot at retiring at all, you need to take your finances into your own hands. James Ustby realized this in his first years of corporate America. We’ve all heard the stories of people (kids even) seemingly becoming overnight millionaires and thinking to ourselves “I could never do that”. Well, James believes that understanding and getting involved in cryptocurrency now is the single best thing you can do for yourself financially in your lifetime. Why? Because cryptocurrency is the single greatest appreciating asset in recent human history. Most people don’t quite comprehend this—but Bitcoin has had tens of millions of percent gains since its inception just over 10 years ago. And the reality is that there are many new cryptocurrencies primed to do even better in the coming decade.

Sometimes we would hear stories of people trapped in a job that they’re half-hearted about yet reluctantly accept their situation because that’s how they earn a living. James Ustby is different. He realized that the only way to achieve his long-term vision was to take big risks early, invest in himself, and build businesses. So he ventured into business and discovered his forte with crypto after trying several business models until finally finding the one that resonated with him and his purpose. James Ustby is the co-founder of, a mentorship platform for learning everything from the basics to the most intricate strategies in cryptocurrency. He also owns Valiant Marketing & Advertising Agency, a creative agency helping businesses scale up their presence on digital media.

James’s story starts in a middle-class family in Minnesota. His father is an entrepreneur and has inspired James from a young age. During his college years, James had yet to discover what was possible but had an intuitive understanding that the traditional path he was being conditioned for wasn’t for him.

After three years in the corporate environment, he took a huge leap. James knew since childhood that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and run his own businesses. He ventured into several businesses like a marketing agency, real estate, stocks, and dropshipping. After trying several business models, James finally found something he was extremely passionate about and is now able to share that passion through his new venture Over the last few years, he developed an insight into crypto technology and became an expert in this space. Today, 7-figure business owners have been turning to James for guidance on the cryptocurrency space. Knowing the incredible potential, James went all-in on the crypto space—leveraging his financial services and investing background.

James believes cryptocurrency has endless opportunities that people deserve to know about. The technology has incredible potential in the future, and right now we’re all still early. He now believes he can provide the most value to successful entrepreneurs and business owners looking for guidance on how to diversify their investments into cryptocurrency. James is on a mission to educate people about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency so that people can achieve their own financial freedom.

James  knows there is a lot of work to be done in helping those willing to learn about cryptocurrency and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. With his business “” James aims to help those who don’t know where to begin with Crypto but know they want to be involved in this revolutionary technology.

James knows that people don’t know what they want until they realize what’s available. That’s why he has stepped forward to educate people around cryptocurrency to show people what’s available to them by providing them with the right information inside his program. Part of James’ program is giving people ideas and guidance based on each person’s individual goals and risk tolerances with an easy-to-understand method of crypto investing.

Going forward, James will continue to coach people about crypto, helping them get closer to long-term financial goals. His goal is to help people by giving them hope and confidence in achieving financial stability in their lives through cryptocurrency.