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Learn how to exploit business opportunities to create successful ventures with Samit Max Patel

To truly understand the significance of launching products, one must comprehend the assets available to entrepreneurs today.

Product launches have changed dramatically over the last 60 years, as technology and marketing strategies have become more sophisticated. In this article, we will explore the evolution of product launches in different ways to see what responsibilities entrepreneurs have in the modern world. The first step in understanding how to launch a product is knowing what it takes to get ready for that big moment when your idea becomes a real-life commodity.

Samit Max Patel, a English businessman and founder of the Joopio product marketing agency who famously created the TLFES launch method. The system which Samit created is key in validating, launching and scaling businesses. His system is used by business big and small including FTSE and NASDAQ 100 companies. 

Coming from a low income family, Samit always strived to find ways to think outside the box. During university he organised parties charging students to attend which helped him graduate from a top London university.  hard to earn money during his college days by organizing parties. After Samit graduated he tried his hand at many different types of businesses which all ended in failure and from this realization it led him to create the famous system.

Samit has now evolved into a successful entrepreneur, author, social media influencer, and internationally acclaimed orator.

According to Samit, a product launch is necessary for every business niche. The first thing to consider is a business plan because that’s what gets you into the game. A good idea is worth nothing without a good plan to back it up. The bigger part of any startup’s success is in knowing how to get your business tested and rolling.

To successfully execute a product launch one must be willing to invest money and time behind building a community of potential customers before launching to market. Successful startups are not only great at product marketing, but they also have to be good at investing funds into research and development. Being an entrepreneur requires an understanding of both these aspects.

For a business plan to work effectively, once you have proven customer and product fit you must invest capital to double down on this winning formula to succeed.