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Learn how Dr Alexis Parcells is empowering women through cosmetic procedures

“Success means that I’m proud of myself, that my family is proud of me, and that my patients are proud to call me their surgeon”, said Dr Alexis Parcells. She is a successful Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon from New Jersey. She is the only woman plastic surgeon in her office who is proud of her journey and accomplishments to date. She is also the mother of two young girls. However, she has managed to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives. Her husband too is in the medical department and is an orthopaedic surgeon. 

Dr Parcells uses cutting edge techniques and tailors them as per her patient’s requirements because she firmly believes that every woman and their aesthetic is different. Thus, the same method cannot apply to all. 

Dr Alexis Parcells’s father was a urologist by profession. The office he used to work in was attached to their house. “He had a procedure room with a bathroom adjoining our kitchen, and every-so-often a patient would enter through the wrong door and perplexingly stare at me as I completed my homework at the kitchen table. Without skipping a beat, I’d lead him back to the waiting room and carry on with my routine”, added Dr Alexis. Thus, she had a first-hand experience of witnessing the life of a medical specialist since the early days of her childhood. This motivated her to become a plastic surgeon. She too wanted to contribute to people’s welfare in some way. 

She identified her desire to be a plastic surgeon during high school. She even volunteered for a medical mission with Operation Smile at the age of 16. Her job included assistance in cleft lip and palate surgery. This mission showed her how one operation can impact a person’s life in such an intense way. 

To date, she has treated different women, be it a sports athlete in high school, or a middle-aged woman who is battling cancer. However, in all these cases, her primary goal remains the same. It is to empower women, make the experience pleasant and ultimately create desired results. She further added, “I am continually inspired by my patients, and their stories of strength encourage me to continually push myself to be the best I can be.”

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