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Leading the Revolution in Social Investing with Equichat

Imagine having the capability to manage all of your stocks in one app while keeping tabs on 10,000 publicly-traded companies. 

This is the one underlying goal of Equichat—to simplify investing and spur dialogue while empowering investors. 

As intuitive as it is user-friendly, Equichat is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Ted DeMatties Jr. His vision for Equichat is to bridge multiple investor tools that were once scattered across multiple mobile apps and web platforms into one.

With Equichat, gone are the days where investors must constantly switch between different apps for investment data, trading capabilities, and in-depth discussion. 

Equichat has combined all of these features into a single, seamless mobile app. 

The company’s tagline says it all—”Discover. Discuss. Trade.” 

“As an active investor, it can take five or more apps to keep track of the markets and your investments,” Ted says. “I used to have to switch between TD Ameritrade, RobinHood, and E*trade to place trades. 

“And If I wanted to do research, I had to jump around on Yahoo Finance, Trading View, and MarketWatch. Worse, if I wanted to discuss my stock holdings and trade ideas with other investors, there really weren’t any pure stock market chat apps outside of informal platforms like StockTwits, InvestorsHub, and random Discord channels.”

Equichat, Ted says, “has taken the hodgepodge of investor features and built them all into one app.”

A few of the Equichat features include:

  • The ability for an investor to connect their E*Trade, TDAmeritrade, Robinhood, and Webull brokerage accounts to view each respective portfolio and place trades directly from one mobile app.
  • A proprietary streaming newswire and notification system that alerts investors in real-time when companies they own or follow issue news.
  • A truly open platform discussion for investors to discuss investment ideas and individual companies across more than 10,000 dedicated stock channels.
  • Traditional investor tools such as stock charts, market headlines, earnings calendar, custom watchlists, and more.
  • Social media features such as the ability to follow other investors, send direct messages, and build profiles.

Ted, a 15-year entrepreneur who manages a small team of six employees  each day, is neither a coder nor a developer. He’s more of an idea guy with a passion for the capital markets, driving innovation behind the Equichat concept and three other stock news platforms. 

His resiliency is underscored by the frustrating path he was forced to take to make Equichat a reality. 

Two attempts to outsource development work with companies in India failed to work out, one of them after a soft launch in 2021 in which 2,000 investors signed up for the app in the first two weeks of the launch. Soon thereafter, it was clear that the soft launch product would not be scalable to handle a high user load.

Back to the drawing board, Ted hired a new development team from Florida and used the knowledge he had gained from the previous failure to rebuild the platform from the ground up. He eventually built a much more scalable system and added even more features to the app.

Equichat streamlines the investor experience right out of the gate, with the ability to browse the app as a guest or register for free and access all features at no cost. 

Once signed up, investors can join in on real-time discussions with other users, connect their brokerage to place trades, and build watch lists and follow feeds.

“This app was built to be a one-stop destination that provides powerful tools and is backed by a community that truly empowers investors,” he says. 

Equichat is available for download in the iOS App and Android Play stores. Visit to learn more. 

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