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L-Easy Releases a Thrilling Debut Album – ‘The Maturation’

‘The Maturation’ is L-Easy’s debut album, and is thrilling fans globally. The Port-Harcourt-based singer and music producer is taking charge of the airwaves with this classic masterpiece. The album features various musicians from Jamaica, United States, and Nigeria. The international artists have come together to produce impeccable sounds that blend smoothly. It’s a universal project that cuts across several sounds and music genres. L-Easy shows his musical diversity in the cross-pollination of sounds and ideas in the music of the album.

L-Easy plays the Khaled role in the album and  introduces the beauty of collaboration. He showcases his musical skills by bringing the different sounds together to create one piece of art with captivating tracks. Incorporating artists from different regions of the world adds unique, pleasant, and magical touches to the sound. Listening to the album will leave you with chills and the dilemma about which song to listen to again.

L-Easy has been in the music game for over six years, a period he considers a learning phase. He has worked with various artists across the world, including several underground and young promising talents. L-Easy draws inspiration from the likes of JayZ, Pharell, and DJ Khaled, among many others. He grew up listening to their sounds with more RnB and hip-hop, but rap always had his heart. The musical background is very evident in his current style of music that is a fusion of American hip-hop, RnB, and Afrobeat.  

His inspiration for the album, ‘The Maturation’, is to bridge the gap in society when ethnic tensions threaten to divide the world. He purposely plays his role as a producer and curator in the album to source the different talents and reach unity using the power of music. His ambition for the album is that when people listen to the tracks, they won’t hear countries, religion, any form of boundaries, or race. Instead, he proposes to create a universal language whereby everyone will vibe together in one voice regardless of the different nationalities featured in the album. Achieving this will be a dream come true for a young man from the south of Nigeria who had a passion and vision to make music and impact the world by crossing boundaries.

L-Easy is the founder and owner of L-Easy Music Worldwide, an international record label based in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Founding the label was part of his career as a curator to discover more talents from his motherland and worldwide. He uses the label as a platform to launch the careers of different gifted artists who are in dire need of an opportunity just like he needed years ago. E-Easy has signed two incredible talents, Hitboy Kellz and Highlife Soes. The two artists are on the verge of launching their musical careers, and L-Easy intends to guide them through their journey in the industry. The two artists remind him of his early days coming from a hard place but with the dream of becoming successful, but needing help. Nothing gives him more pleasure than helping others in need, now that he is in a position to help.

L-Easy promises more music with more collaborations in the coming days.