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Kurt Brucker: The Financial Advisor Who’s Disrupting the Money Management Industry

It’s no secret we live in uncertain financial times. Banks which were previously perceived to be reputable financial institutions are going insolvent overnight. The markets are unpredictable and it’s difficult for the average person to know how to safely and securely invest their hard earned money. “Financial experts” claim to have the answers, but often incorrectly assume strategies that worked in the past will work today, despite the changing economic climate. However, there are a few individuals who have changed with the times, and are committed to being on the leading edge of financial innovation in order to provide safety and security to their clients. Kurt Brucker is one of the few.

Brucker is an advisor with oXYGen Financial and is making waves in the financial industry by combining old-school investing principles with new age strategies in order to help mitigate client risk, while simultaneously maximizing their potential gains. Brucker states that his secret is genuinely caring about his clients goals and values and aligning their money accordingly. By identifying more as a financial life coach rather than a traditional financial advisor, Kurt has been a part of a growing wave that is disrupting the future of the financial services industry. 

One of the ways Brucker is able to understand his client’s financial situation better than most is because he understands the pain of financial troubles. Growing up his dad was an Entrepreneur who ran a car dealership and was very successful, allowing his family to be financially comfortable. But after an unforeseen divorce, his family’s life was flipped upside down and they were put in a situation where they were struggling to put food on the table. This experience taught Brucker the importance of financial responsibility and having a proper financial plan in place. This experience inspired Brucker to help other people avoid the financial pain his family went through and look at ways to mitigate risk by establishing a plan and leveraging the investment vehicles available. His role as a financial advisor has become equally passion as much as profession.  Brucker will always go the extra mile for his client’s success. 

After several years in the industry, Brucker noticed that many financial advisors were focused on selling products instead of providing real financial advice or getting to know what is important to their clients. This realization caused Brucker to approach clients in the lens of “financial life coaching” rather than traditional financial advising. This concept is based on the idea of putting the client first and digging into the psychology involved with each person’s thoughts about money, and coaching them through those roadblocks or struggles in order to create a financial plan that is customized to their unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all box.  Brucker states, “Coaching clients on what is actually happening with their money and how that impacts or improves their ability to achieve their personal goals is crucial.” Brucker takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their financial situation before creating a personalized plan.

His focus on the client’s needs and goals is a refreshing change from the commission-focused approach of many financial advisors. With his knowledge and passion, Brucker is helping people achieve financial success and feel peace of mind about their financial situation.

Kurt knows this industry is large and complex, there is a lot to know and that is why people should have an advisor they trust to help them navigate and prepare. Kurt would love to get to know you and see if he can serve you or if you would like to learn helpful information check out his Podcast!