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Kim Sat makes the face her canvas as a multidimensional renowned makeup artist & creative director. 

Emerging artist Kim Sat is all set to make her impact in the fashion industry with her exceptional skills, and a passion for creating art. The talented MUA specializes in beauty makeup and effects: “I worked as a makeup artist for five years and another two years as a creative director”, she has also taken upon the role of a creative director for a number of fashion editorials, as well as commercials. 

At the beginning of her journey as a creative artist, Kim would get brides glammed up for their special day, “I started as a bridal makeup artist 6 years ago.” The potential was right there, but she was unsure of her future plans: “I didn’t think I would develop a career as a makeup artist when I was young. I started doing makeup for Purim, a holiday in Israel which is very similar to Halloween.” It was her time in makeup school that helped her get a clearer view, “I always knew that I’ll be engaged in a creative field, but I didn’t know exactly what. After I enrolled in a makeup school, I fell in love with the field, especially when you start to become good at it.” So she completed her degree: “I acquired my makeup artistry education at the Yarin Shahaf School in Tel Aviv” and worked on her skills to become her present self. Kim values her experience more than anything, “I think I learned more when I surrounded myself and worked as much as I could with people from the field. It has helped me develop my skills and learn from the experiences of people near me”.

In her career, Kim has put her input to a number of beauty projects, using her expertise and love for makeup to deliver the best results. She loves her job all together, but working with the Israeli actress and singer Noa Kirel has definitely been more special, “I was doing her makeup for one of her shows. It was my pleasure to take part as one of her beauty cast.” 

Now Kim Sat covers diverse aspects of creativity, by working in various associated sub-fields. The versatility of her profession’s nature has greatly contributed to her growth as an artist: “As a bridal makeup artist I developed my skills in makeup, as a creative director I learned to develop my skills as a manager and producer on sets.” For the future, she holds a vision: “I see myself working with big brands as their fashion creative director, and doing makeup to inspire people in the industry as singers, models, actresses and more.” By collaborating with brands and talented influencers, she hopes to learn and expand her experience. Kim is sure of one thing: during her journey,  she wants to make an impression on the industry with her work, “(I want to) always continue to create big things. Reinvent myself every time, and affect the fashion industry with my art.”

After achieving what she has, Kim understands the value of going through ups and downs before reaching the destination, “I realize that every person needs to go through their road, including making mistakes, experience is both failure and success.” It is the willingness to learn, sheer resolve and having a high morale that helped her, and that is exactly what she recommends for others: “learn and explore, work with people who’ve inspired you. And of course, continue to believe in yourself all the time”.

Kim Sat’s creative gallery and makeup looks are up on her website and instagram platform @kimsat.weddings. Take a look!

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