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How Kevin Woods is Helping People Achieve Their Entrepreneurial Goals with The Tycoon Games LLC

Being exposed to business practices and terminology is one of the best ways to build your knowledge and create a mindset that fosters entrepreneurship. Kevin Woods is one individual who believes in the power of this method for helping anyone achieve their business goals. With this in mind, Kevin has created The Tycoon Games LLC, and produce fun educational tools for building fundamental business skills. With courses, workbooks, board games, card games, and much more available, The Tycoon Games LLC products have an engaging way to educate people toward an entrepreneurial mindset.

Welcome Kevin thank you for your time. Can you give us some background on yourself to begin?

I would like to consider myself a serial entrepreneur. The first business I setup was a Technology Support Company and then I started investing in real estate, buying and selling distressed off market properties. I was raised in Coney Island Brooklyn not knowing anything about business or how to even start one, however. The cycle of learning the process took me years to understand. Like most young adults that came from where I come from, there was the thought that only millionaires can become entrepreneurs. It was not until I started becoming an avid reader of self-development and positive thinking books that I was able to discover the change in mindset needed to become an entrepreneur.

The Tycoon Games is an incredibly exciting new idea. Can you tell us about what this is?

I created The Tycoon Games in 2021 with the vision to create business simulation games that are tools for teaching business processes. The first product idea that I came up with was the board game “Business Tycoon”. The word TYCOON was a great fit for my vision because it is exactly what you would call a very savvy entrepreneur, someone that does business on a large scale. I wanted to see families, individuals, children, and adults learn about the business processes such as starting an LLC. The vision is to introduce the topic of entrepreneurship and other concepts such as how to manage assets and liabilities, using money as a tool, and leveraging debt. This is what the wealthy teach their families and friends. I believe that’s the mindset to have as an entrepreneur and I wanted The Tycoon Games to reflect that in the products that we create.

What made you decide to develop a platform for these business games?

I believe, like most individuals where I come from, there is not a lot of opportunity to even discuss setting up a business or entrepreneurship. There is a known lack within the school systems as well. I wanted to come up with a different approach and help transform the mindsets of individuals and families. I believe that the more we discuss the topic and learn that we can create opportunities at an early age, or even as an adult, we’ll be able to transform our lives and essentially our families lives and communities.

What kind of material will The Tycoon Games offer to people?

Very good question. Our brand is essentially about mindset, and we make tools that will teach the mindset of entrepreneurship. Essentially, we will produce educational material on this topic such as digital content, including courses and workbooks, board games, video games, card games, T-shirts, and posters. Currently we are working on the next game which will be a card game.

How important do you think entrepreneurship is? What opportunities does it afford people?

Entrepreneurship is very important to families, individuals, and communities. America was built by Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that are financially free tend to make decisions to help others. We create new products and services that stimulate the economy. Young adults in our communities that become entrepreneurs create opportunities to change their own lives, their families as well as build strong communities and economic systems that support them.

How can The Tycoon Games help people develop fundamental entrepreneurial skills?

I believe that The Tycoon Games is not just about building entrepreneurship skills but about mindset. I believe that once we build a mindset of wealth through interacting with the products that we offer this will help develop a mindset that will be essential to people throughout their life. A good example would be a professional football player, they don’t become a professional footballer in a day but throughout life they interact with the game and finally find a love for it and eventually do it on some level. Our products are set to deliver that same effect. You’re being taught through using our products how to use money as a tool, the process of opening a business, getting a bank loan, and more.

Who will benefit from these games?

Anyone can benefit from playing the games. You learn something new every game play, even people that are already entrepreneurs have fun and learn new tactics. I’ve added business terminology to the back of the rule book in our flagship product “Business Tycoon Board Game”. This alone will increase anyone’s business IQ and stimulate their thoughts. Most people that played games such as Monopoly for example still remember buying and selling property.  They learned the concept.

Finally, when can we expect to see this launch? How can people get involved?

Well, the product is out now and available on our website for purchase – I like to call the game an actual tool as opposed to calling it a game because this is exactly what it is. I would love for alike minds to, try our products out, get involved on our Instagram @TheTycoonGames or our Facebook page to follow our products, become a voice or to listen and hear what we have to say from time to time.