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“Kena Tchiteya” Skincare Influencer on TikTok

Skincare is a serious business; for many, getting a handle on your skin is tough. There are so many different things to pay attention to that it can sometimes get overwhelming to manage. That’s why Montreal-based skincare education influencer Kena Tchiteya has taken great strides to make things easier for people everywhere.

Growing up, Kena would find a lot of difficulty in her daily life regarding essential skincare. Society places a lot of value on one’s outward appearance, and she’s fully aware of that. It’s been a long journey for her to improve how she viewed herself, and in the process, she chose to learn how to be a catalyst for self-improvement.

Kena’s advice comprises many steps, not simply predatory advice for those who don’t know better. Unlike many people that take shortcuts and recommend deals, Kena offers life advice, showing how making essential choices in life can reflect on your skin. It’s an important aspect of her personality online, setting her apart from her peers.

From simple things like the products you use to more profound choices like your diet and lifestyle, Kena offers advice on everything. At her core, she wants people to be better, and she serves as a symbol of this. The reason she does this is reflected in her journey of skincare, self-acceptance, and confidence. Her experience allows her to have a unique view of the issue.

For Kena herself, she found that despite many efforts, she’d still struggled with acne. All the products she’d tried wouldn’t help, and it would drag her down as she continued thinking about it. Her self-image changed once she decided to make more extensive choices, removing things like dairy, alcohol, and McDonald’s from her life. From here, she’d find the secrets to improving her look and image, pushing her self-confidence forward.

Seeing the lack of thoughtful, nutrition-based skincare routines, Kena has taken it upon herself to be the change she wants to see in the world. She hopes to guide others down the right way, taking things one step at a time and making changes that will shape their skincare and their life as a whole. Having a healthier life improves mental wellness, and Kena wants this to be the case for everyone.

If you’re struggling with your image and self-confidence, worry not. Kena is ready to help you out, be it with a strict diet, lifestyle advice, or even simple acne. Drop by and give her a watch, and maybe you’ll come away with something more valuable than mere face products and foundation.

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