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Kelvin Teo: Interview with an author and thought leader in mental applications for everyday success

Kelvin Teo, author of “The Neuroscience of Daily Success”, sat down with us to discuss his journey from daily 9-5 life, to transforming himself on a journey through personal development using simple mental techniques which work. His experiences in life inspired him to help others in their own personal development, thus leading him to author his first self-help publication.

We wanted to know more about Kevin’s personal development journey, and how he made his life possible through the use of neuroscience techniques and methods.

When in your life did you start to become interested in neuroscience and how it can be applied for success?

I’ve always been interested in personal development topics that are not just fluff. The idea of improving one’s life through actionable and straightforward techniques is very alluring, because these can be applied to see concrete results. Just like science — you do this and the result is that.

I’m not against any motivational speeches, but the way I see it, many of today’s talks are just that — talks that are only designed to help you feel good about yourself at that moment. But once the feeling of high wears out, you find yourself in the same place, going through the same motions without much change. I used to be like that too. I would go on YouTube, watch motivational videos, get myself hyped up and tell myself that I will change my life for the better, then go back to square one without much difference.

It was only in taking action that things started to unfold — but I understand that taking action is hard. This is where your mental habits kick in. I talk more about this in my book.

Was there a particular event that sparked an ‘aha!’ moment, where the neuroscience behind success seemed to ‘click’?

It wasn’t a particular event, but rather the entirety of how my life turned out to be after I started changing my outlook and committed myself to action.

Think of it like a mustard seed. It starts off tiny (just like the little actions you take), even tinier than many seeds, but when it grows, it becomes a huge tree. This huge tree is akin to the results you see after many years. But it starts off not noticeable at all. In fact, the change is so small that nobody pays attention to it, but when it grows, that’s when the magic happens.

If there is one thing that I learned, tiny actions today will produce massive results tomorrow. But it all falls back to one thing: your mindset.

How long have you been applying these mental techniques into your own life?

These techniques have been an ongoing process for me ever since I committed myself to personal development in 2017 — so it has been about three years. The reason why I went into personal development is because I was frustrated with my life and my day job back then. I felt that I was just getting by, and that there must be more to life than this kind of monotony. Though my job did pay me decently, success to me was more than just being paid. True success is holistic — allowing one to have, on top of finance, time and health. I didn’t have time as I was constantly involved at work and I felt that my health was declining, as I was slowly losing energy in many areas — both physically and mentally.

How dramatic have the results and change in your life been since then?

I knew it was important to change my mental filter if I were to change my life for the better (a topic I discuss about in the book). After applying these techniques, I saw a huge change in the trajectory of my life.

Quitting my job to fully pursue my passions, yet being able to sustain myself, is just one of the few good things which happened. More importantly, I now have more family time. Earlier this year, my wife and I had our first child. Thinking back to the little decisions I made 3 years ago, I am now able to commit myself fully to our kid by being present most of the time — for that, I am grateful.

Many people don’t understand (or at least they shake it off) when it comes to choosing a mental filter. But this is one of the most important principles to follow if you want to change your life. What you do today — the little actions you take — can have huge consequences for your future.

How long was the journey leading up to the publication of your book?

To be honest, the journey leading up to the publication of this book was not arduous,  because I knew what I wanted to share with my readers. It took me about 3 months from conceptualizing the title to getting the outline and drafting to completion.

The book itself doesn’t really go into details about my life because I didn’t want it to be just about me. I wanted it to be as actionable and straightforward as possible. My goal is to help readers pick it up, read it quickly and have a clear plan on what they can do immediately  so that they can start seeing results in their lives, no matter how small. If my book does that, then my goal is achieved.

How did you perform your research for this book, did you speak to any medical professionals?

The research is based off mostly from my life experience. There isn’t a medical professional involved in the writing of this book.

Also, I am honored that world-renowned personal development expert, Dr. Joe Rubino, has given his time to write the foreword to it.

I will add a disclaimer here: I don’t intend for this book to serve as any form of medical advice. Readers should be aware that this book falls in the category of personal development, not medicine. Results will also typically vary from reader to reader because we are all wired differently.

When did you decide you wanted to author a book about this? Was there any particular reason why?

I always wanted to put out a book on mindset and success ever since I went into personal development. I thought that it would be good to share what works for me with other people, and add more value to those who are already interested in this topic.

Can you give us a little sneak peek about what we can expect from the book?

  • You are going to understand how mentalism can help you live better.
  • You will learn to identify mental filters and how big of an impact they have on how we think, talk, feel and act.
  • You will understand how to achieve continuous success in everything you do on a daily basis.
  • You will understand how take full control of your universe by applying effective mental strategies that works.

The Neuroscience of Daily Success

Thanks for the wise words Kevin!
His journey and life is definitely one to be admired. Who would have thought that simple mindset techniques could have such a significant impact on our daily lives? Be sure to check out “The Neuroscience of Daily Success” at