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Justin Prince: Be the One

As stories of resilience go, few are as compelling as Justin Prince’s. 

Navigating through the tumultuous aftermath of a broken home, Justin’s journey began with moving 13 times as a kid. These early setbacks, coupled with a lack of college education, could have set the tone for a life of missed opportunities. By 25, Prince, fueled by a pursuit of better, took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world. But the company collapsed, dragging him into a financial abyss that included back taxes and overwhelming credit card debt. With two children, another on the way and a wife to support, the burden became too much, forcing them to move into the loft above his wife’s parents’ garage.

In this bleak scenario, Prince made two pivotal promises to himself for if he ever became successful: He would never forget what it feels like to struggle, and he would work tirelessly to help other people achieve their dreams. These vows became the bedrock upon which he built his empire. Before he turned 30, Prince profitably sold his business. Later, he assumed the role of a consultant for a brand on the brink of collapse. With his expertise and leadership, a business that hemorrhaged money for almost a decade saw its fortunes turn, clocking billions in revenue since. Prince’s effect hasn’t stopped there; he’s gone on to construct five multi-million-dollar enterprises and has done over 2.5 billion in cumulative sales cementing his reputation in the business world.

Amid this awe-inspiring path, the heart of Prince’s success lies in his unique philosophy, carefully detailed in his groundbreaking book, Be the One: The Universal Roadmap to Create, Design, and Live an Unforgettable Life. In it, Prince shares that success is less about external accomplishments and more about internal transformation — an identity process — with his “be vs. become” philosophy taking center stage. “Be is a present word,” Prince postulates. “Don’t aim to become; aspire to be the one today.” This distinction challenges the reader to embrace their present potential rather than constantly chase a future self.

Prince’s book doesn’t merely suggest this idea — it provides an actionable roadmap. His writings assert that every individual’s life is filled with value, purpose and meaning. The author firmly believes everyone has a distinct role, one that is pivotal and ever-present. Through his book, he offers practical and tactical steps to find this sometimes buried potential, urging readers to realize who they were truly born to be.

But Prince understands that the journey to self-realization isn’t a solitary one. Drawing from his own experiences, he distinguishes two races in life. The primary, or “real race,” revolves around relationships and faith. It calls individuals to look within themselves: Do our actions uplift those around you, or do they serve to suppress? With a deep-seated belief that our talents are divine gifts meant for the greater good, Prince underlines the importance of winning this race. The secondary race, focused on material gains like wealth and status, can only be conquered if the primary race is won. It’s a message that resonates deeply, especially in a world grappling with a mental health epidemic manifested through rising rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.

A crucial element of Prince’s philosophy is his “Three Cs to success.” Inspired by a notebook with the words: “I believe in myself” written in it at Prince’s lowest point, he believes confidence in oneself is vitally important to being who you’re meant to be. From there, he figures confidence leads to commitment and commitment leads to competence. 

What catapults Prince’s book above others in its genre is its authenticity. It isn’t an abstract work about success — it’s a lived testimony. His professional milestones, amassing billions in sales amid daunting challenges, offer readers not just inspiration but a tangible blueprint. Rich anecdotes peppered throughout anchor his principles, compelling readers into decisive action.

For those looking for a transformative life journey and weary of useless self-help fixes, Prince stands as a powerful guide. His story and book invite readers to not just dream but awaken their dormant potential.

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