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JustG – DJ & Music Producer Is An Eclectic Talent On The Rise

Irish music producer, DJ, and frequent collaborator JustG has had a journey that no one can really replicate. Starting off at the tender age of 17, his natural ability to imbue his own signature from the beginning was instrumental in establishing his name early on. He essentially took the Irish club scene by storm from the get-go, booking weekly gigs across the largest venues in the country where he began building a steady stream of followers and fans.

As so many before him, his passion for the industry led him to dip his toes into the producing side of the creek. He began with remixes of classic house hits, eventually culminating with a collaboration with LA based singer and songwriter Amanda Renee for his first release “Don’t Feel The Same”.  After-which he went back to his adoring fans and worked on his live music game.

DJ JustG

The HalfTraxx Era

After further bolstering his sound and skillsets, he returned to the producing game in the early stages of 2021 as one half of the EM production duo dubbed “HalfTraxx”. Their debut single “Loving You” which was collaborated with Sarah McTernan shot up the Irish charts, securing a number 2 spot on the Irish iTunes charts upon release, and in the top 15 of the Irish Homegrown charts. Not letting the wave finish, the HalfTraxx studio continued onward with their follow up single with UK-based artist Michael Rice called “Falling For You”, their follow up debuted at an impressive level once again securing the 3rd spot on the Irish iTunes chart.

With over a million radio impacts, 300,000 total streams and features in Hot Press magazine and – the duo had proven their ability to craft music that’s in demand.

Solo Act

After splitting up from the duo, JustG has returned to his solo ventures in the DJing and producing realm. Constantly experimenting and bouncing between genres, styles, and sounds – most often going between Pop and House disciplines, or a fantastic mix of both.

Following up from his February release “Hard to Get”, JustG is coming back swinging with a fresh release on April 1st. “Radioactive” promises to be a deeper exploration into the House genre with special attention being paid to heavy bassline, unique stylings, and catchy vocals.

Hard to Get JustG

You can find JustG on: