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JuiceDefender – amazing phones with little juice

Being online at any time and any place is what smartphones are all about, but it’s one of the main causes of sucky battery life.

JuiceDefender is the solution: it greatly improves battery life by intelligently and transparently managing for you mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components, disabling them when you don’t actually need them.

Reclaim your battery! Let JuiceDefender do its magic and just enjoy your doubled battery life – get it now from the Android Market, it’s free!


SeePU lets you monitor your CPU usage
Ever wondered why your handset sometimes feels sluggish or becomes unresponsive?

SeePU gives you constant, second-by-second awareness of CPU, RAM and network usage – always under control via animated icons in the notification area. It can also show historical usage graphs in the notification pane, and allows you to kill with one tap that pesky app that’s stuck at 100% CPU usage.

Be in control of your smartphone! Grab SeePU now from the Android Market – free!


An elegant display of juice
A battery usage graph and analysis tool that combines full at-a-glance information with sheer beauty.

JuicePlotter collects and plots screen brightness, radio usage, charging status and battery temperature – either in one elegant, colour-coded graph or in separate stacked ones.

It lets you easily analyze battery performance on a day-by-day basis, and it has a widget that shows an accurate estimate of how long it will take to fully discharge/recharge your battery.

Find JuicePlotter on the Android Market and give it a try – of course it’s free.

Amazing phones with little juice

Wanna save battery? It’s easy!

Being online at any time and any place is what smartphones are all about. Yet this continuous connectivity is quite power-hungry; as a consequence, modern smartphones are plagued by sucky battery life.

JuiceDefender is the solution: it intelligently and transparently manages for you mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components. Be online when you actually need it – save battery when you don’t!

JuiceDefender is ready to go right after installation – the preconfigured default profile is a no-fuss way to have your battery last longer – much longer!

Scan this (or tap on it) to download JuiceDefender (did we mention it’s free?)

Try it for a couple of days and see for yourself – scan the QR code on the right (or tap on it if you’re reading this on your handset) to download JuiceDefender now – it’s free!

If you find that you need even more juice, the handy aggressive and extreme preset profiles might just be what you need – and you can always customize every single setting to your liking at any time – fully personalized, fine-grained configuration!

Complete, automated control

JuiceDefender can control on your behalf:

  • Mobile data and AutoSync – the main ingredient in the recipe for effective battery saving, JuiceDefender can enable and disable mobile data (and AutoSync) for you, following the rules you specify (see triggers below); this also works on Verizon and Sprint (CDMA) phones!
  • 2G/3G toggling – automatically switching to 2G only when your phone is not in use can save a ton of juice! (only available on certain ROMs due to Android limitations)
  • the WiFi and 4G radios* – other slow but steady battery drainers; why keep them powered all the time, and not just when they’re actually used? The Location feature (see below) is particularly useful for fully automated WiFi management (soon for 4G too!)
  • screen off/screen lock timeouts* – modern, large smartphones screens drink your precious juice like there was no tomorrow; it’s important to have a short auto-screen-off timeout interval, but having to enter the unlock pattern/pin every time becomes quickly annoying. JuiceDefender lets you specify a longer timeout interval for locking the handset, thus keeping you sane and your phone secure.
  • minimum and maximum CPU frequencies* – knock down on your thirsty CPU’s juice consumption while the phone is sitting idle in your pocket; unleash its full power the moment you start using it (only available on certain ROMs)

*requires UltimateJuice

There are a number fully configurable triggers that interact together to automatically control your handset:

  • Schedules – the heart of Juicedefender! Let it enable connectivity briefly on a regular interval (every 5 minutes to 2 hours), to let background data sync occur (email, Twitter, Facebook, stock quotes…) A schedule interval of 15 minutes is sufficient in most situations; a longer one is useful to minimize distractions when you need to get something done 😉 . Moreover you can choose the times of the day when you want connectivity to remain disabled (Night*) or always enabled (Peak*), and set a completely different schedule for the weekend*.
  • Battery – it disables the connectivity when the remaining battery charge goes below a specified percentage; better save these last drops of juice for that urgent phone call!
  • Traffic – it keeps the connectivity enabled while there is an ongoing data transfer; this makes sure that syncs (or large downloads/uploads) are completed successfully.
  • Apps – select which apps are allowed to keep connectivity enabled (Pandora,, online radios…) and which ones will disable it (games, ebooks, offline reading…)
  • Screen – keep the connectivty enabled while the screen is on to allow browsing, tweeting, procrastination and generally internet-powered enjoyment
  • Location* – automatically keep WiFi disabled when not in range of known WiFi networks

*requires UltimateJuice

…but you can also tweak everything whenever you want (click to enlarge)The UI shows how each trigger will behave with the current configuration, following their priority order (lower-priority triggers are listed first).

Most triggers have further specific options; for example the Screen trigger can be enforced only after unlocking the device (so that you can glance at the time without wasting a drop of juice), and it can be set to be ignored when the battery is low, effectively changing the triggers’ relative priority.

And there’s more!

JuiceDefender is designed to work in a completely transparent way; once you have configured it properly according to your needs it won’t interfere with your normal phone usage. You’ll only notice it’s there at bedtime, when you’ll realize you still have plenty of battery left!

However if you want to keep an eye on its operation (especially useful during the initial configuration phase) you can enable the notification – the current status of all controls and triggers will be always available in the notification pane.

It also comes with a couple of useful Home screen widgets:

  • the Toggle mobile data widget lets you quickly force-enable or force-disable mobile data with a single tap, if you need to override JuiceDefender’s control (it has the highest priority)
  • Widgets!the JuiceDefender widget shows an estimate of how much battery life was improved by JuiceDefender over the last 48 hours – what’s the best multiplier you can get? It also lets you enable/disable JuiceDefender super-quickly; just tap on the glass of juice.


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