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Ju Poppin is playing an important role in looking after the USA’s hair health.

Ju Poppin is the latest quality haircare product brand that is taking over the world. The Brand’s voice is vouching for healthy hair and promoted healthier self-esteem to help stand by our Look Good-Feel Good Moto. Ju Poppin does not have anything to hide. They are an open book and everybody is entitled to know about the key ingredients as people are going to use them on themselves. Launching in the heart of the pandemic, Ju Poppin has proved itself by having tremendous growth and success throughout the pandemic. They have received great results and reviews for products are also amazing. The products are all organic and made with a lot of attention.

The owner of Ju Poppin, Francine Gillian Garcia recalls how having healthy hair was a normal thing back in the day. Unlike today where people are stunned when they find someone with healthy hair. Our grandparents made sure to take care of our hair’s health by oiling it regularly. Food intake was much more complex compared to today. Nowadays, people are least bothered about what they eat. They are not conscious about what they eat and often end up eating junk food which affects their hair health and causes many problems like hair fall.

Francine’s goal is to bring back the healthy hair trend so that it becomes normal again. Ju Poppin’s bestsellers are Ju Poppin growth oil that is a liquid goal, Ju Poppin vitamin e oil, Ju Poppin scalp healing mist. Each of the product is very much beneficial and provides nourishment and care just like your grandparents. The pure oils are sourced and imported carefully by selecting the most efficient ingredients. They are imported from all around the world. They are checked for clarity and authenticity by our raw good supplier in Canada and they are blended together by Ju Poppin themselves back at home in the USA.

-Ju Poppin’s Growth oil key ingredients are

English lavender (scalp stimulator for growth), Black cumin seed (scalp health), Ylang-ylang (prevents shedding)

-Ju Poppin’s Vitamin e oil key ingredients are

Sunflower is packed with omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin E. Together they help to reduce breakage, split ends, frizz and increase shine. Avocado one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and deeply strengthen the structure of the hair. Coconut prevents moisture and protein loss. Gives hair a natural shine.

-Ju Poppin Scalp healing mist spray key ingredients are

Aloe Vera, Calms and soothes scalp inflammation, Lavender & Tea Tree Helps to stimulate growth and block DHT build up Rosewater helps to heal common scalp issues like psoriasis and eczema.

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