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Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp: How Mentorship Can Help You Skyrocket to Insurance Sales Success

Did you know that a whopping 80 percent of new insurance agents feel unsupported by their agencies, leading to a high level of burnout in the field?

The insurance field is incredibly nuanced, and starting a career as an insurance agent means acquiring a great deal of knowledge – and that acquisition doesn’t come easily. The stress and fear of learning the business make launching a career an incredibly daunting prospect for many new agents.

Unfortunately, agents who lack the proper training and support can easily wind up derailed, with no hope of getting back on track for success. But Entourage New Agent Hub founder and CEO Joshua Crisp knows the insurance business does not have to be difficult for new agents. That’s why he set out to revolutionize the industry standard – with the sole goal of uplifting new agents.

Changing the Status Quo

Crisp remembers with crystal clarity the pain points that accompanied the beginning stages of becoming an agent. He remembers how his career seemed to start off strong – he had mentors and coworkers willing to help, which made him feel invincible despite the stress of his industry. But eventually that tapered off, leaving Crisp feeling isolated.

With those experiences in mind, Crisp has made it his mission to change the business dynamics for new agents. His goal is to offer newbies in the field the support he wished he had when learning and save them from his trial-and-error approach to success. Crisp believes that this type of support can help agents avoid burnout and stick with the career for the long haul.

“I was able to build a $500,000 per year business without stress or anxiety, and I thought, ‘Well, if I can do it, anyone can’,” he said. “Many agents may have been sold a false narrative that this career involves a life of stress. That’s not how it has to be.”

What is the Entourage Agent Hub?

So, how does Joshua Crisp help new agents build thriving insurance businesses without all the stress and strain? He believes that mentorship can make all the difference to struggling agents. In this vein, he offers them the support and resources they need to earn the income they deserve and sustain their business growth over the long term.

Crisp maintains that although there are companies that offer resources and support to new agents, these advantages come with too many caveats. The downsides include lower commissions, unfavorable contracts and agency micromanaging. He believes these environments are stifling to new agents who are excited to get started building their businesses. Crisp strives to offer his mentorship as a resource that is free of these unpleasant impacts.

Putting Agents First

Crisp designed his mentoring program to appeal to self-directed agents who want to learn the business without getting bogged down by agency red tape. His “agent-first” model even involves paying for new agent licenses, if needed.

“My bottom line is that this industry needs successful and talented agents, and they can’t be at their best if they’re not supported,” he said. “So I’m supporting them the best way I know how: through mentorship and resources.”

The Entourage New Agent Hub provides new agents with all the resources they need to accomplish their goals in the industry. He connects clients with social media networks, offers weekly training calls and helps them learn the nuances of various insurance packages. Mentees have access to phone scripts, run-downs of essential documents, how-guides and tips on responding to potential objections.

“I want to give agents all the tools I didn’t have access to, but would have loved,” he said. “We have training videos, podcasts, 24-hour/day support and so much digital content all designed to be at the agent’s fingertips whenever and wherever they need it most.”

Building a Self-Directed Life

For Crisp, the appeal of becoming an insurance agency lies in the ability to build a career around other elements of one’s life. While every job has its limits, he said it’s that freedom that he wanted to be able to encourage other young agents to harness.

“I want to give people the tools they need to design the freedom and livelihood that fits their lifestyle, their needs, and the other things they have going on in their lives,” he said. “Agents spend so much time giving back to other people, often during the worst moments of their lives. They deserve to have a career that gives back to them, and that’s what I want to give them.”

About Joshua Crisp
New Agent Hub is a mentoring program designed to help new insurance agents bring in a great income from day one of their careers. Founded by Joshua Crisp of Family First Life Entourage, New Agent Hub offers all the tools, training, and resources needed for insurance agents to thrive. For more information, visit