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Josette Tkacik, Iconic Fitness Instructor and Santa Barbara Hero proves that Rheumatoid Arthritis is, in fact, curable

The celebrity Fitness guru and wellness hero speaks on healing Rheumatoid Arthritis, naturally.
Thomas Linden

Healing disease without pharmaceutical intervention has always been considered quaky and unreliable.  Science has yet to prove that it is possible and considers the thousands of those that have healed to be “medical Miracles”.  We learn here that perhaps that is part of the plan.

Celebrity Zumba Instructor, Josette Tkacik passionately shares how she healed RA in her podcasts talks and panel series (some of which she shares the stage with other wellness icons including Jack Canfield, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne McTggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton and more).  Here we sit down with Josette and get an incredible dose of inspiration.

Josette Tkacik

When did you get diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in February 2011.  Looking back, I was under an enormous amount of stress to which I simply hit the metaphorical override button.  I had a very unhealthy diet, was struggling in my marriage etc.  I say this all because I am certain that these were contributing factors to the manifestation of disease.

I was a new mom; my son was 2 at the time I was diagnosed.  I am sure that stress and bad diet contributed – the disease was horrific.

I was unable to function.  On top of the malaise that the disease brings, the flares were unbearable and unpredictable.  One day they were in my wrists, the enxt knees, the next day it was neck.  Anywhere on my body that had a joint was affected.

My world soon became engulfed in pain and disease management.

What was the prognosis?

There is a standard prognosis and directive once RA is confirmed.  Massive pharmaceutical intervention to slow progression.  That is it.

I was so frustrated because no matter how much I asked the question ‘what caused it?’ not a single specialist, expert or anyone could provide an answer.  I suppose that was my first red flag.  I started to see the real medical system and it was so illogical to me to place someone on all these toxic drugs without knowing the cause.  I mean, I would rather just find out what is causing it and treat that issue first.  Ultimately that is what I did.

How did you decide to go naturally?

Well, as I mentioned, I was frustrated.  I always trusted my doctors and never had issue with Western Medicine, but again, I never needed them as desperately as I did at that moment, and I felt something was really wrong.  How can these “specialists” who spend their life as experts in disease, not know anything about what causes disease?  I felt my life, my son, y legacy deserved for me to at least try.  Try to find a different way.  There was a strong feeling in my soul to go a different path.  It was so painful, and I wasn’t sure of anything, but I was sure I had to listen to my heart.  So I did.

How did your doctors and family react to that decision?

The doctors dismissed me.  They behaved as if I was some moron that would be back because the pain was horrific (and it was) – they seemed perplexed that I doubted their knowledge or rather lack thereof.

My family did not totally understand.  My husband respected my choice and stood with me.  Ultimately, the greatest support I received was from my own soul, because once I decided, it felt like the right information, the right doors opened.  The more I trusted that there was another way the more that way appeared.

And you healed 100% or went into remission?

I no longer have any disease.  100% healed.  According to blood work and several experts I am considered a medical miracle.  I was given that status in 2016 after blood work confirmed there was no evidence of disease.  I stopped having symptoms about a year into my healing journey.  I do not know if that was an initial remission or not because I never went back to those doctors.  It was a doctor that was attending my Zumba class that insisted on taking blood tests because after seeing my original blood tests she could not believe I was symptom -free.

Ok, so HOW did you do it?

That’s the million-dollar question isn’t it?   Many people ask me about diet, and YES diet is a big part of the healing process but healing is multidimensional.  Diet alone cannot heal you – but yes, alkaline diet is a necessary adaptation.  My uncovering of a deeper knowledge of self and of how we create illness was a huge part of my journey so mindfulness and self-awareness, deeper work is also part of the process.  I can tell you that healing is an inside job – there is nothing outside of you that can do it for you.    I can also say that our capacity to be extraordinary is untapped for many.  I have discovered that not only can we tap into our bodies intrinsic healing capabilities but also our ability to manifest our dreams.

I have spoken at length about how I healed in my course “Heal”.  I do not want to give a flippant quick answer because everyone deserves detail and a thorough understanding.  I was not given that – but now that I am on the other side, I have created it for those that seek their path as well.

Bottom line, healing is possible for all.

Josette’s course can be found on her website