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Joseph O’Connor: The student using artificial intelligence to make him profits from online trading markets

A recent university graduate with a degree in Computer Science, Joseph O’Connor was just like many other fresh graduates, struggling to find stable employment after university. Living with his mother, Joseph would spend his days sending out resumes whilst coding personal projects from his room. One subject that interested him particularly when he was in university was artificial intelligence and its many applications to businesses across numerous industries.

This interest led him to work on a few projects working with AI and other bots in order to automate work. Across the weeks, a friend had introduced him into online trading stating that he was making small extra side money from simple investments into blue chips on the stock market and within the forex market.
Broke and intrigued, Joseph decided to do some research. Upon finding out that the finance industry used AI regularly for its own analysis of markets and other financial reasons, Joseph made it his mission to create an AI bot of his own to analyse his own meagre investments. What was supposed to be a simple project for a bit of fun ended up becoming a time consuming job that would net him a significant amount of money from a small investment.

Joseph would go on to build an AI bot which would link to an application, analysing the market in the background and advising Joseph on decisions to make when it came to safe investments and others. He would go on to start investing outside of blue chip companies and took bigger risks. Through the help of his AI bot, he would continually make correct investments and sell at the right time to make high profits and returns on his initial investments.

He understood that this AI bot was important, and would dedicate his spare time to coding an application that implemented this with a user-friendly UI within an application. Upon doing so, he would market his application on online forums and allow access to it for a subscription fee.
From looking for a job to creating a subscription-based application that would become very popular on online trading forums, Joseph O’Connor continues to find success to this day in online trading and entrepreneurship.  He plans to update the application to include analysis of the volatile cryptocurrency market and other forms of online investments.