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Jonathan Kvicky preaches the importance of side Hustle in today’s economy:

Jonathan Kvicky is a 32-year-old is a serial entrepreneur, senior software Engineer and tech Investor. He preaches why the concept of side hustle is important in today’s generation for diversification, financial ownership and personal growth in an era of uncertainty. Jonathan currently lives in Los Angeles, California and working as a full-time senior engineer for a team in Sony PlayStation.

If you are wondering what is side hustle, let me help you out by explaining it. In simple words, a side hustle is a way of earning money outside of your main source of earning. The series is designed to inspire hard-working corporate employees to start a side hustle if they are interested in eventually starting a business. A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job. It allows you to mix work and play if you aren’t so sure if your passion is going to take off well enough to be profitable.

The biggest surge in Side Hustle this world has seen is during the covid-19 Pandemic. In this lockdown, many individuals who had permanent jobs or were working full-time jobs lost their jobs but through the simple concept of side hustle, they were able coping up with this pandemic and make ends meet by finding other ways to earn income. Jonathan believes there are several advantages of having a side hustle such as it can become a full-time gig, an additional extra income is earned by an individual, it also helps in maintaining the cost of living as in today’s world the increase in the price of each and everything. it diversifies your income and protects your financial well-being in times of uncertainty. It widens your concepts on how the market works and knowledge of the different type of job markets and it also increases your standard of living. Side hustling can simply turn into your own business.

But it is not like Jonathan Kvicky does not practice what he preaches. At the young age of 18, Jonathan started his career in business. He was able to start multiple businesses and was quite successful. At the mere age of 20, he sold his first company which was a PR agency and had established itself as a notable marketing platform. He has always been quite passionate about startups, investing, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. his investment portfolio grew from $100k to $1 million+ within a span of a year. Since the beginning of his career, Jonathan Kvicky has strived hard to succeed and has established himself as one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in this vast industry. 

Join Kvicky on his journey through: