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Joilson Melo, The Artist Who Is Creating A Buzz In The Hip Hop World

Rising musician Joilson Melo needs no introduction. He is recognized for the exceptional kind of music he produces and by the amazing content he creates on digital platforms. His key motivation and inspiration has always come from artists such as Alok and David Guetta and his interests have always been electronic music and Hip Hop.

Since high school, Joilson Melo has been working on his vocals, lyricism, and melodic capabilities, focusing on pushing himself to achieve his very best. He released his first album ‘Genesis Mystery’ as a result of this hard work and has been amazed by the ways that it continues to grow. The number of listens builds each day and the album has received immense love and appreciation.

Joilson Melo believes in handling all the aspects of music creation by himself. From writing to composing to producing, he does everything on his own and in the comfort of his home. He has built a home studio for himself and loves the place so much that he has advised other young musicians to make the same investment.

Joilson Melo also believes that signing to a label takes away some part of the creative liberty of the artists and he has decided to avoid doing this right now. He says that the managing companies do have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to signing which bounds the artist in one way or another. He also mentions how some often take advantage of the musician’s talents for their own gains. Because of these restrictions, he loves being an individual artist and working for himself. He enjoys his freedom and doesn’t want to compromise on his creative and artistic liberty for any monetary gains.

We wish all the very best for all the upcoming releases he plans to mesmerize his audience with in 2022.

There is no doubt about it that Joilson Melo is well on his way to success and will put in all his hard work and effort to make sure he reaches that point. In the meantime, if you want to connect with him and check out more behind-the-scenes moments from this creative genius, follow him on the social media profiles linked below:

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