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John Guaman, a young and successful personality who has achieved everything by himself:

Businessmen hold a significant presence in the business ecosystem and society. A business can take few years to reach profitability, but it takes several years to bloom and come under the limelight. The process of setting up and establishing a business organization is not just one’s piece of cake, setting up a business needs proper planning, organizing, controlling, and leading and even after that it needs a skilled management team and after all of that it needs consistency on its addition and it requires a group of trustworthy angel investors or other for garnering the funds for setting up the business. So, today we present you the success story of one of the youngest entrepreneurs, John Guaman. 

John Guaman is a Hispanic American hailing from the heart of Danbury, Connecticut. At the very young age of 24, he has been a lucrative serial entrepreneur and an exceptional investor, owning multiple successful businesses and garnering tens and millions of dollars annually. He has followed the righteous path to triumph, scaling up to 7 figures. Apart from his utter excellence in the entrepreneurial world, John Guaman has excelled in the investing territory, inheriting some proficient real estate and well framing his crypto portfolio as well.  

 John belonged from a quite mediocre and financially unstable family, since his adolescence he has been witnessing his mother and father performing two jobs a day and doing extra work shifts to earn a livelihood, toiling and struggling every single day to maintain the household comfort and meet the ends of the family. Since his childhood, he made up his mind to become financially independent and own a business of his own. In his early teens, he went out of the box, striving harder with each passing day, doing yard work, selling CDs, and every single thing possible and started to look after his family. 

When 18, he stepped ahead to own up a business of his own getting out of his comfort zone and stepping into the network marketing industry. John was very passionate, but that did not make up for experience. He failed in the beginning and earned very little from his first few endeavours. Yet, he believed in the process of hard work and devoted all his time and energy and never let his failure affect him as he refused to look back, as his mentor has always said “fail as quickly as possible to gain more experience”. 

John has also been inspired by some esteemed and renowned personalities namely, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Joe Dispensa, Jim Rohn, Drake and many others. Now, he has spoken in front of thousands of crowds and has been to over 20 countries to strengthen and gear up his business as he is on his way to set up his own charity called Life by Design Foundation. People know him by his name and his achievements but do not know what he has been through. As John Guaman grows older, he hopes to grow bigger and be a good influence on the world.