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John Bommarito’s Story to the Top and Unprecedented Success

John Bommarito is the son of Frank Bommarito – who started the Bommarito Automotive Group. After John took the reins of the business, the Bommarito continued to grow to new heights becoming Missouri’s #1 choice for consumers in all of their automotive needs and having its own NASCAR teams.

John was born on April 25, 1965, and grew up in a family that valued a strong work ethic. At the young age of 12, John was already involved in the family business. He was parking and washing new cars.

At 15, John was promoted to the service and parts department so that he can learn more about the operations of the family business. While in High School, John’s day didn’t end once the school bell rang. Instead, after school, he would begin his work at the Ellisville automotive location.

John graduated in the top two percent of his class and proceeded to attend Eckerd College. Though it may be assumed that John pursued a degree in business or accounting, he instead pursued a degree in the Psychology and Pre-medical field.

After graduating with honors in 1987, John was accepted to Stanford University Medical School. However, with a desire to return to his roots, he took a year off to sell new Mazdas. He then went and became the Finance Manager at the Nissan location and was quickly promoted to Sales Manager then General Manager.

Around the same time, the Bommarito Automotive Group introduced their nationwide subsidiary known as “Bommarito Cellular.” John ended up transferring to this division as General Manager. As usual, John excelled in his newfound position and yearly achieved record-breaking sales.

In 1992, General Motors asked if John would buy an Oldsmobile-Cadillac store in St. Peter’s from them that was going out of business. Up to the task, John bought the store and ramped up sales from 25 units a month to 280 units a month.

Today, the St. Peter’s store continues to thrive and ranks 4th in the South-Central Region in Cadillac sales. The store was also awarded the President’s Club award.

In 2001, John managed to add a new store location and even added another new car brand—the Pontiac—to the Bommarito “Family of Dealerships.” John continued replicating this success as he added more and more stores and car brands to the Bommarito Automotive Group.

Interestingly enough, John branched out into the racing world and started the Bommarito Automotive Group 500—which then sponsored an INDYCAR Series Event. He also started a NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series team and a Bommarito Chevrolet Xfinity team.

His “Audience Enhancement Program” brought record attendance to the events. He was then awarded the “President Club Award.” The “President Club Award” is a Sales and Service award that is awarded by franchises like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Volkswagen.

All in all, under John Bommarito’s leadership, the Bommarito Automotive Group continues to grow. John’s undeniable work ethic and sales genius have resulted in tremendous and consistent success for his company as it continues to reach new heights.