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Joel Li’s Dream to Make Planet Earth Carbon Neutral Again

Everyone is responsible for a more sustainable planet by adjusting to lifestyles that are less harmful to the environment around us. This is why many countries are making essential commitments to attain a carbon-neutral earth- a planet with ‘net zero emissions.’ There are several ways to help make planet earth neutral again. These include reducing, reusing, and recycling, commonly referred to as the three “R’s” to conserve natural resources and cut down on waste. Transitioning from conventional vehicles to zero-emission vehicles can also significantly reduce carbon pollution in our environment. 

Joel Li is a Chinese entrepreneur currently living in the USA. He was born and raised in China but relocated to Canada at 16 to further his studies at the University of Toronto. Later on, he settled in New York, USA. In his entrepreneur journey, Joel has established various companies in the automotive industry in Toronto, USA, and his home country China. He constantly draws inspiration in the EV industry from Elon Musk, who is his role model and the pioneer in the EV industry. Joel is the founder and owner of TEDA International Auto Group and, among others. is the next-generation marketplace for Electric vehicles (EV), with an important goal to accelerate the global transition towards ZERO emission mobility. It is based in three locations in different countries; New York-USA, Toronto-Canada, and Beijing-China. The company provides EV buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts with the necessary statistics and opportunities they need to make the best possible choices and be better prepared for the future of automotive technology.

Joel’s desire to make the planet earth more liveable is evident in his mission. Implementing the Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) standard will result in more electric vehicles on the roads, allow the world to boast a cleaner atmosphere, and bring significant benefits to the environment and the community. “The most significant benefit of zero-emission vehicles is their positive contribution to boosting air quality globally. Without tailpipes, electric cars do not produce any carbon dioxide emissions into the environment when driving. This substantially reduces air pollution, making the earth a haven to live in,” Joel explains.

In addition, Joel shares that zero-emission vehicles will reduce noise pollution since the cars are quieter than gasoline/diesel engines, thus, creating a tranquil environment for everyone.

Joel’s efforts are evident in the global recognition he received last year. He featured in the 2021 Forbes China top 60 outstanding Chinese in North America and the 2021 HuRun Report under 30s award. Joel has also been a member of the Forbes Council since the recognition.

Despite being successful at 24 years, Joel faced a common challenge prominent among young individuals. “I struggled with realizing my purpose in life. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before I finally found help and focussed on my dreams without looking back,” asserts Joel.

Joel continues to work tirelessly on achieving his greatest dream of making the planet carbon neutral again by implementing zero-emission vehicles. He looks forward to when becomes the world’s most prominent online EV marketplace.

When asked about his most important life lesson, he responded, “I have discovered how important it is to find something you are passionate about and make a career of it. Following my passion is the reason I’m here today.”