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Jessica Lynn Releases a Fascinating and Richly Colorful Music Video for the Single “The Morning Always Comes”

Jessica Lynn is such a vibe- this exceedingly gifted New York vocalist possesses intriguing artistic powers. Her desire to be great on her terms is attractive, her occasional hard edges challenging, and her palpable resiliency inexplicably moving. She is on the verge of building a long-lasting and boundary-busting career with the way she can faultlessly fit in in every genre. She is a country whizz and astonishes with her capabilities to make bangers off of rock, blues, pop, and soul melodies. Her single, “Morning Always Comes,” which she describes as one of her favorite written songs, is the indisputable mark of an idiosyncratic consummate artist who isn’t afraid to test her musical depth through improvisation and incredible innovation!

In this imposing tune, it is almost as if galaxies collide. There is so much style and abundance to keep you heavily invested throughout its 3 minutes and 48 seconds. The backing band sound was a thoughtful idea as they complement the song in lyricism and performance. This melodically transcending masterpiece flaunts its 80s reimagined rip-rollicking rock aesthesis with some immersive blues melodies, futuristic dazzle of modern pop, and the fascination of soul.

And the way she sings those notes, allowing them to register higher than my high school grades, makes this an ear-grabbing orchestration that you can’t take your ears off. And those guitars, my God! Performed with such passionate virtuosity and showmanship! Lynn puts her heart and soul into this performance and leaves nothing to be desired. This is a radio staple from head to toe and an easy recommendation for anyone who appreciates dexterous songwriting and heartfelt delivery.

The much-awaited music video is out and is like you just imagined it; it is sobering, proof of her capacity to bring her creativity to life with a visual cinematic blend similar to the big screens. This will be a fan favorite as they dance along to its addicting beats while watching the stunningly innovated visual beauty that perfectly complements this single both in storyline and symbolism!

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