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Jennifer Carrasco, an erudite entrepreneur, a dedicated Bodybuilder, and a renowned Health Coach become an epitome of women empowerment.

There is something inherently special about the beauty business that is attracting more independent entrepreneurs to the $98 billion retail industry than ever before. It’s a colorful and pretty space where people come to play with and create colors, formulas, and fragrances, as well as perfect services, all with a mission to help consumers look, feel and smell their best.

Jennifer Carrasco, founder, and CEO of Virago Skin & Beauty Studio has secured her place in the world as a leader and innovator. This successful, driven and inspiring woman has changed the way we consume and perceive beauty. Along with her V Skincare line, Jennifer is showing the world that there are skin care products that will make you look good as well as feel good. If you’re a skincare aficionado and want an elevated view on next-level products and routines to try, you’ll find lots to love in Virago Skin & Beauty Studio. After speaking to Jennifer, I learned just how she gains the confidence to live her life without a filter. Intrigued? Keep reading.

As a founder of a skin and body brand start-up, you’ll need a clear vision, a well-written business plan and to have put some skin in the game in terms of hard work and time. When Jennifer went bankrupt twice, that was the pivotal moment when she decided to turn her business idea into a reality. She didn’t know anything about starting a business. What she did know, however, was that she had a very good idea. So she spent time researching and acquainting herself with the space before bootstrapping and launching Virago Skin and Body Studio. She says, “I wanted to build a skincare range that offered targeted treatment for various skin concerns, like advanced Esthetics, permanent makeup, acne & scar revision with my 23+ years of experience in the beauty world.” She said she had no clue where to start but once she started there was no looking back. It was through Virago that she got acquainted with her passion for entrepreneurship. Based in the USA, Jennifer Carrasco is a knowledgeable and service-oriented Professional EOS Implementer who helps you get better at vision and identify your goals personally, professionally, and physically. She focuses on the three critical components i.e Health, Mindset, and Leadership of your business which are vital to the long-term success of you, your health, and your business. She believes in “Own Your Shit: Be wealthy, healthy and productive”. It is a non-bullshit approach towards having a balanced and satisfying life so that you can procure your dreams and be at peace.

Well, there is no doubt that wellness is paramount to living a healthy & happy life. However, we all know how life can distract us from taking care of ourselves to the level that we deserve. According to Boost Media Agency, a health coach is an amazing way to empower yourself to achieve your physical and emotional goals and ultimately live your best life.

Jennifer Carrasco, after struggling with her health issues like anxiety and depression, decided to take her health into her own hands with a holistic approach to healing. Jennifer, being a health coach works with clients around the world helping them find their version of wellness so they can live their best lives. And her personal healing story is more than enough to prove that she is headed in the right direction. Jennifer’s down-to-earth, positive vibe makes her likable, approachable, and most importantly, relatable. Jennifer helps people find holistic health through mindset, nutrition, and movement. Her life mission is to help women design their version of a healthy lifestyle so that they can feel energized, vibrant and go and kick butt it whatever they want to achieve.

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