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Jeff Lassen On The Sacrifices It Takes To Succeed

Just like everything else in life, success comes at a cost. It requires substantial sacrifice and  hard work to carve out a name for yourself in any industry.  

Jeff Lassen, the founder of Rite Way Auto Transport, shares the sacrifices it takes to succeed as  he talks about his journey. He established a company with no contacts or resources and today  it’s one of the best and fastest auto transportation companies in America. His experience is  definitely enlightening for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.  

Rite Way Auto Transport & Load Genie  

Before we talk about the advice he has for young, ambitious people with an insatiable thirst for  success, let’s take a look at his journey and the challenges he faced.  

When he embarked upon establishing Rite Way Auto Transport, all he had was a used computer  and a Magic jack. With no contacts and relevant experience in the field, he stepped forward with  the belief that the industry was lacking several things that needed to be fixed.  

He identified the needs of the market pretty early. What was left after that was to find solutions  for these needs. Once Rite Way Auto Transport reached a peak of success, he shifted his focus  to Load Genie, a new-age software program that is revolutionizing the auto transportation  industry.  

With the help of this software system, Rite Way is helping thousands of car dealers to transport  vehicles seamlessly throughout the country.  

Lassen’s Mantra: Why Sacrifices are Mandatory To Succeed  

Talking about his own journey, he says that the first thing that you need to do is forget all your  friends, families, and girlfriends. Let all of them take a back seat for a while. Your work has to be  your entire focus. During his struggling years, his routine was to work, eat, sleep and repeat.  

Speaking of his childhood, he explains how the importance of hard work was “jammed down his  throat” by his parents. And that’s what helped him put in more hours to his business than he can  count. He also says “you have to want it”.  

Establishing a brand new business in the industry was not easy. Whether it’s weekends,  holidays, or boat days, he sacrificed it all and worked 18 hours a day and seven days a week.  During this time, what kept him going was his determination and the fact that he wanted  success like he wanted oxygen. He didn’t start Rite Way with a plan B on the side. In fact, he 

sold over $30 million in Real Estate before the age of 23 and walked away from it at age 24 and  opened Rite Way Auto Transport. He was able to see what some of the competition was doing  because he had friends that were already in the business while he was selling Real Estate. He  says he was so confident that he could run circles around the rest of the industry that he walked  

away from his passion of selling Real Estate to open Rite Way with the goal of “taking it to the  moon”. Jeff saw the level of work ethic put forth by his competitors and thought to himself “if I  get in this, they have no shot what’s so ever to keep up with me, not even a chance” so he  opened Rite Way and here he is today. 12 Years later and he owns the 11,000sqft corporate  office Rite Way occupies and has released some revolutionizing new technology that is  changing the Automotive Logistics Industry for both Carriers and Customers. Jeff says “we’re  only just getting started as far as I am concerned”. He already has more technology under  construction that will continue to re shape the automotive logistics industry for the better.  

Success stories like that of Rite Way Auto Transport do not happen overnight. It takes years of  struggle, daily hard work, and countless sacrifices to reach that height. For all Aspiring  entrepreneurs who want to know more about his story, you should definitely connect with him  over Twitter on LinkedIn