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Third Time’s A Charm: Jason Girdner and TECOBI are a Success Story That Didn’t Happen Overnight

TECOBI founder Jason Girdner is a self-made entrepreneurial salesman who worked in the automotive field for two decades before he experienced a ‘Eureka’ moment. While watching a late-night car commercial with his wife, Scarlet Mick, he suddenly realized that most Americans dislike visiting car lots. They also hate being fast-talked and loathe being pushed into a quick decision when making such a large purchase. He also knew that lead-finding and follow-up were significant pain points in the industry.

He began to imagine a less-stressful way for dealerships to open a dialogue with prospective buyers, for clients to ask their questions in a low-stress environment, and for all of it to happen whenever interested customers had free time. He dreamed of a service that allowed people to begin the car-buying process over text message.

He knew it would be a hit.

However, his first two tries at realizing this idea were a bust. The first time he attempted to make his dream into an app that existed within Facebook. That didn’t work out. The second time he tried to take his idea analog, offering the service to local Denver dealerships with himself answering every text.

That was more successful. He quickly acquired over 130 dealerships as clients — far more than he could service. He had to pass the texting to Mick while he learned the software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) integration that would allow him to execute his vision on a larger scale.

Today, TECOBI serves thousands of clients across the United States and has a large family of employees at their Denver offices.

The lessons here are that perseverance does pay off and that if you truly believe that your idea can improve the world, you should keep pursuing it.

Finding His Bearings

Girdner was never someone others would point out as destined for success. He dropped out of high school and saw his gift for sales as the best way to support himself.

“I made many mistakes, but if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I learned everything I needed to build TECOBI through trial and error. I’m so grateful to my wife, Scarlet, and friend, Ryan Flores, our CTO, for sticking with me to the other side of it all,” he said.

These days he feels like the luckiest guy around: a successful business, married to the love of his life with five children, his friend by his side, and the hard days well and truly behind him. And not just one but two occupations: stellar salesman and burgeoning software engineer.

“I can be the software geek one week and the bubbly salesman the next week. When I’m working with Ryan on IT development, I am a total hermit, barely shave, and keep my nose to the grindstone. I become quite the introvert. But when I’m in sales mode, I turn on and light up to look and act the part. It took a lot of practice to be able to do both, but I feel it’s a skill many can master as long as they keep at it,” said the optimistic businessman.

Working Together, Playing Together

With Mick by his side, Girdner knows he can accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle. They both had to conquer the trauma of difficult childhoods to find success and each other. Even years into their marriage, they light up when they are together.

Mick began her career as a surgical tech, assisting in life-saving operations for over a decade. But, much like her husband, she’s also someone that can easily switch gears and roles. So for her, stepping in to assist her husband with his dream — and later becoming the co-founder when the dream became TECOBI — was natural.

“I love to save the day. I jump in, figure things out, and make the best of situations. This business’ growth was a lot to take in. It’s impressive what we’ve been able to do, and sometimes we still don’t feel like it’s real,” she said.

Girdner and Mick, equally driven on their own, become a powerhouse team together. Their accomplishment story proves that anything is possible with dedication to the right idea and a robust support system around you.


Jason Girdner & Scarlet Mick are the Founders of TECOBI, an advanced communication and advertising solution providing SMS/Text conversation support for the automotive industry. They have served thousands of automotive companies through their industry-changing software. To learn more, please visit: