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James Morgan Poised to Take Stilton Butchers Online Butcher Services to the Next Level

During the Covid-19 pandemic, there were countless tragedies struck the business world. Brands and companies that people around the world had grown up with disappeared or changed forever. However, there were some amazing success stories that rallied the people and encouraged everyone to get back out there and try again.

One of those stories was that of James Morgan.

In 1978, James Morgan’s father opened Stilton Butchers. Since then, it grew to become a prized local butcher shop that companies, families, and restaurants grew to rely on. However, during Covid-19, it was almost destroyed. The lockdowns and government mandates nearly shuttered Stilton Butchers for good.

Luckily, James Morgan saved it.

James converted the localized butcher shop to begin focusing on online sales that could serve not just the Petersborough area, but the entire nation. The business now brings in £7,000,000, and the 60 employees it started with have grown considerably.

However, this change didn’t just save the business, its impact on the local economy, and the jobs of its employees. It actually provided ample opportunity for growth that isn’t slowing any time soon.

The next big step that James Morgan has in the pipeline is to open a preparation centre with 4,500 sq feet of space to handle the increase in business. Currently, the preparation center staffs 10 more employees, and five more are planned to be hired before it opens. This will allow Stilton Butchers to increase its efficiency and grow even more than, already has in such a short period.

However, this isn’t the last step James Morgan has in mind, either. In fact, it’s just the beginning. With the added revenue generated by the changes made so far, James Morgan also plans to open a second shop location. This expansion will be started in Durham. Then, a third shop location will open in Petersborough; this location is planned to open in the city centre area, and it will be the second Petersborough location for the company.

The changes that James Morgan has made have been an inspiration to small business owners around the world. They defy what people thought possible at the height of Covid, and they show that businesses can survive great hardship with a little creativity.