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James Khuri

James Khuri’s FJ Holdings and Khuri Enterprises achieve success by following a secret formula

James Khuri is a winner. He has achieved incredible success with his business endeavors thanks to a secret formula that has never failed him. James is in real estate, brick and mortar distribution, and eCommerce, but he could pick any niche to focus on, and he would still enjoy great success. This is because this secret formula can be applied across the board.

Before we get into what that secret to success is, you should get a little more familiar with who James Khuri is and what he does. James is the man behind Khuri Enterprises and FJ Holdings. While these are two businesses in drastically different industries, they are both run using the same secret formula.

Khuri Enterprises specializes in commercial and multi-family residential real estate. He has amassed over 15 years of experience in both purchasing and maintaining Class A space. James and his team take extra care of their tenants by remodeling the buildings under their ownership so that they are at their most optimal condition at all times.

All of this has led Khuri Enterprises to become an industry leader for commercial and multi-family real estate. The sky’s the limit for James, and he believes that this success is only the beginning. Ever the optimist, James sees even more extraordinary success looming on the horizon.

Another business James has achieved extraordinary success with is FJ Holdings. This company is in the business of selling trading cards and the accessories that go with them. This is a massively popular niche, and James has managed to get partners like Pokemon, Konami, Topps, and others. Also, his company has landed some major retail clients, including FYE/Trans World Entertainment, Books-A-Million, Wegmans, and others.

James Khuri

As CEO of FJ Holdings, James is head of the multi-tier management force that makes the company the great success that it is. It is a pioneer distributor of trading cards on a Pay-on-Scan basis. This has given it unique industry expertise and dedication to continuous process improvement. With James at the helm, FJ Holdings is on track to stay at the top of the trading cards industry.

The secret to Jame Khuri’s success

The secret formula that has helped James achieve success is the development of strong working relationships. James understands the needs of others and is committed to making sure they are satisfied and happy. This means he listens to what they say and responds accordingly. James doesn’t see his tenants, clients, and customers as merely dollar signs. He sees them as real people and treats them that way.

This secret formula has led to continued success for all of James business endeavors. There is surely more to come because it is a fail-safe formula that takes into account the people behind business relationships. James is a highly-motivated entrepreneur who loves the satisfaction that comes with great success and fulfilling working relationships. If you want to keep up with the latest from James, follow his Instagram page here.