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Jackie Meyer Helps CPAs Add Value and Efficiency to Their Firms

From Tax Concierge to Business Coach, Jackie Meyer Succeeds in many Fields

CPA Jackie Meyer didn’t expect to love taxes. In fact, she initially wanted to be a counselor, though majored in business. She chose business having been raised in a single-parent household, in hopes of providing for her eventual family and maintaining a steady income in a steady field.

She became interested in taxes while working for a financial planning firm during her undergrad years, and she enjoyed the subject so much she earned a master’s in accounting and became a CPA. In fact, she even began working for one of the large national accounting firms in the country – though hailed the job as similar to being in prison – but it helped her realize that she preferred working with smaller, locally-owned firms.

In 2010, she started her own firm, Meyer Tax, Concierge CPA. The company was successful, helping hundreds of clients, but she wanted to cut back her hours to spend more time with her children. The solution, she was able to limit her hours and increase her revenue by adding tax planning for high net wealth to her services. In doing so, she reduced the number of clients she served, and the added services meant she was making more too – her average client bill jumped from $1,000 annually to $12,000 annually.

Soon, Meyer joined the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches, placing her among an elite group of fewer than 1,000 accountants with such a prestigious qualification.

Helping Other Accountants

Eventually, Meyer began mentoring other accounting firm owners. Referred to as The Modern Tax Planner, she helps other accountants to focus on value and efficiency. She helps them determine their ideal clientel and then how to attract them, individually, and promotes how to apply more efficient processes and demonstrate their ROI to clients. Through it all, she emphasizes learning leadership skills. Additionally, she is also bolstering her credentials even more and currently pursuing a doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Regent University.

“I couldn’t keep my love for building sustainable firms to myself,” she said. “CPA firms have a rare opportunity to lead and encourage other businesses to be better—lighting the way. There are opportunities for leadership in every business sector; taxes are no different. Leaders are inspired—not born, and it’s my passion to transform ordinary tax professionals into extraordinary leaders.”

Meyer works with clients in a variety of manners and settings. For example, she runs two different Facebook groups, Accounting Firm Influencers and Accredited Investors. She also has two mastermind courses, presents at workshops, and works individually with clients on a one-to-one basis. She prefers to work with “go-getters” who have the same desire to achieve. Students can also select from a menu of courses and coaching options.

“I still run my CPA firm, which keeps me grounded and fresh with more clients to share with clients,” she said, about her concierge advisory firm that specializes in providing customized tax strategies for high-net-worth clients. She certainly stays busy, having also created a software program, TaxPlanIQ, a project management platform for tax planners, and is working on a “Tax Planning Mastery” program for other professionals too.

What Success Looks Like

Meyer has satisfied customers all over the country who attest to how valuable her coaching is.

“I’ve seen a 100% increase in year-over-year sales to date and just closed another $20K per year client,” said David Chen, CPA, who graduated from The Concierge CPA course. “One client now pays what I used to get from 10 to 15 clients – meaning I can work with fewer clients overall and provide a higher level of service for the rest of my clients.”

“The world is full of people who aren’t yet aware that they already hold the right skills necessary to compete in the public accounting environment,” Meyer said. “The truth is, every one of us is a leader, and each individual has the power to become something far greater than they ever imagined.” Meyer credits becoming a mother with giving her the push she needed to attain the success she has now. “Having children made me realize I couldn’t be a workaholic anymore, and I needed to take care of myself and my clients once more.”

She stands by the affirmation that “time is our only true commodity”, working closely with clients and helping them figure out how to earn more money and financial freedom.

In many ways, Meyer’s job is the same one she wanted as a young girl – she’s a counselor, but in the tax realm for other business people.

About Jackie Meyer

Jackie Meyer is the President of Meyer Tax Consulting. She is also the CEO and Founder of TaxPlanIQ, and Certified Concierge Accountant programs. Find out more by visiting her websites: Coaching at, Software at, or her boutique firm at