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IoT: How it is Revolutionizing Our Lives from Every Angle

It is clear how IoT has been already implemented into our daily lives. IoT leverages the Internet and connectivity to make considerable changes to our day-to-day routines/. Although its presence is not always clear to see, it is everywhere, even when we don’t know it.

So Far, So Fast

Since the technological boom, technology has advanced at such a rapid pace, it sometimes seems unfathomable. Among all fascinating innovations surpassing each other, IoT is the one we should consider as our future.

IoT’s significant effect in our daily lives is becoming more apparent and has had a far greater reach than anyone could have anticipated.

Human Controlling instinct

Humans have a craving for control and power. It has been that way since our ancestors lived in caves and has remained that way throughout our history.

In today’s day and age, this desire is even greater due to the fact that a large majority of the human race does not spend 24 hours a day at their home. Yet while we are far from home, the want to monitor and control the conditions in our homes remain the same. There may be many reasons why one would want to possess this ability but IoT is the answer. With the technology, we are able to control the conditions in our homes as if we were physically there to do so.

IoT applications in daily life

The average home is home to not just the individuals living there, but also plants and animals etc.

Plant and pet caring

People occasionally go on business or personal trips. While they are far from home they can easily monitor and take care of their belongings like their plants and pets. For instance, IoT has empowered us to check the humidity of our plant’s soil, potentially allowing us to realize it’s time for irrigation. With the simple push of a button from something convenient like our mobile devices, a water pump can be activated sending water to the vegetation while we are physically thousands of kilometres away. The same can be done for feeding our pets. with the push of a button again, a door can open delivering food into the bowls of a dog or into the fishbowl.

IoT technology

Child and Pet Finder

IoT technology can also be used for tracking purposes. The emotion of having to have a loved one missed is immense (even if the loved one is a four-legged family member). However, IoT technology can allow you to track individual locations in real-time with a linked device. always have peace of mind with regards to your children or pets. The emotion when you are missing your loved ones, whether it is your child or a four-legged family member, is terrible. However, you may track their location in real-time with an IoT-linked device attached to the smartphone. Thus, IoT allows you to stay in peace even when away from your loved ones.

You can let them go outside of the home and play without being afraid of getting lost as you can monitor them in real-time.

Infant Monitor

In addition to the features above, IoT can also be used to monitor the status of their infant child. With real-time information about breathing rate, sleeping postures, body temperature etc., parents can constantly be aware of the well-being of their baby.   For parents, baby monitors are a blessing. They help parents to keep their babies in control without being in the room. You may also monitor the everyday activities of your child from anywhere in the world in real-time on your smartphone. The infant monitors provide you with breathing statistics, sleeping postures, length of sleep, body temperature, etc.

Connected Health

Getting periodic information about the status of your children’s or elderly parent’s health has become an essential requirement these days. Now, health-tracking devices help you to monitor their health.

Sudden changes in temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, etc. are instantly brought to your attention through your devices, thereby allowing you to take necessary actions on time. Doctors can use such technology and health monitoring apps to stay updated in real-time.

IoT Application

Temperature and humidity

While homeowners may be out of home at work, for example, our children, pet, or plants could still be there without us. Monitoring things like temperature and humidity are made possible with IoT. Adjust the temperature or activate the air conditioner with the tap of a screen. Sensor lights and security systems seen in the private sector are also some sweet examples of IoT use in daily life.

IoT Technology

Smart Appliances: There is all sort of smart appliances like stoves, refrigerators, washers/dryers, & coffee machines. Consider this example;

How cool would it be to look inside your refrigerator without opening the door? This idea is a fantasy no longer! You can monitor the state of your food with sensors and cameras attached to smart computing freezers. It also allows you to track food remaining without even opening your door. Look up recipes and have your refrigerator read your cooking steps. You may build food lists that sync in real-time with your smartphone. Set expiration dates and get notifications when it is fresh to improve the nutritional quality and consume food.

  • LG Smart Refrigeratorslaunched a built-in display that will let you order groceries, play music, and more. Its current lineup of smart refrigerators doesn’t have as many features; like GE’s, the fridges can tell you if the door has been left open and let you adjust the temperature using your smartphone.


At the end of the day

The importance of IoT has quite an all-encompassing reach. From keeping your home at an ideal temperature to quickly notifying first responders in cases of emergency. We’ve covered some of the ways an average person interacts with IoT. But we didn’t even scratch the surface of all the ways it affects manufacturing, healthcare, or retail. IoT often makes your life easier and in ways, you might not even notice.

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Author: Negar Mehramiz, VP of Marketing Arshon Technology Inc.