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Introducing Micheal Londo, CEO of Body Balance System, The Company Behind The Most Effective Red-Light Therapy Bed on The Market

Red light therapy can restore mitochondrial health, stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration, decrease inflammation, and even improve sleep and cognitive function. 

But very few products on the market take full advantage of its remarkable benefits. However, one company at the cutting edge of red-light therapy technology, Body Balance System, is working to change that.

We sat down with Micheal Londo, CEO and Founder of Body Balance System, to discuss their groundbreaking OvationULT™ bed, the most effective red-light therapy bed on the market, and delved into what sets their unique technology apart. 

The Unique Origin Story of Body Balance System

Since 2014, Body Balance System has been on a mission to provide the most clinically effective red-light therapy solutions in a marketplace crowded with unregulated players. 

As Londo explained, “There’s a lot of misinformation in this industry. A lot of companies are not even FDA registered, let alone have FDA Clearance. We’re both FDA registered and are in the process of becoming the only bed on the market with a top and bottom to encompass the body to get FDA Clearance.”

For Londo, his journey into manufacturing medical devices began as a response to his daughter’s rare genetic birth defect. Seeing what she went through led him to see the need for better-designed products. As he recalled, “My daughter was born without the instinct to breathe, and through her medical journey, I came across a lot of devices that, to me, were very poorly designed. I would think, ‘Whoever designed this, they never actually had to use it.’ Eventually, I met someone who was battling cancer naturally and I designed him an ionic detox foot bath. That was our very first product and within two years, we were averaging over $1.2 million in revenue.”

Londo learned about red-light therapy about nine years ago and immediately saw the potential to make a better product than those that were on the market. “We started by making a pad system through which the body was wrapped in diodes then pivoted to red-light therapy beds,” he revealed.

What Sets The OvationULT™ Bed Apart

Per Londo, the majority of red-light therapy beds are designed like tanning beds, but the OvationULT™ bed is specifically designed for red-light therapy. That’s precisely what sets it apart. 

“Tanning bed designs are very concave, which means they’re very hard to get out of,” he said, “Our OvationULT™ bed adheres to a ‘zero gravity’ design, so it’s really comfortable to lay in. We are also ADA compliant.”

Another feature that makes the OvationULT™ bed stand out from the pack is the fact that it includes frequency massage, thereby eliminating the need for a vibrational plate session post-treatment. As Londo explained, “Users are getting an incredible massage as they’re getting exposure to the red-light therapy. The massage is not only creating a relaxing experience but is also helping oxygenate the blood.”

The last but most important feature that places the OvationULT™ bed in a league of its own is how much closer subjects can get to the red light diodes, thereby increasing the efficacy of the treatment.  

“You need to be as close to the light as possible for effective treatment. That’s what makes us different from everyone else out there. It’s like, if you want to pressure wash a sidewalk, you have to be right on top of the concrete. Otherwise, it won’t work,” said Londo, “The same applies to red-light therapy. When the light comes out of the source, it comes out at a 120-beam-degree angle. Right where it’s coming out, it’s very strong. But even just one inch away, it’s a lot weaker.”

Even the thickness of the plastic separating the person from the diode can make a difference. As Londo relayed, “If we measure right on top of our diode, the measurement we get is 128 milliwatts centimeter squared, which is a measure of the light intensity. However, that’s not our official measurement, because when we put a protective layer of plastic on top of that diode, it goes from 128 to 88. The thinnest layer of plastic reduces it that much. We measured seven different beds from other manufacturers and noticed that our competitors are using thicker plastic, which is one of the reasons we’re able to average 68 milliwatts centimeter squared while their measurements average at most 13 milliwatts centimeter squared.”

The Benefits of Red-Light Therapy

In addition to focusing on improving medical devices, Londo has spent over twenty years researching alternative medicine treatments. “That’s what led me to realize that Western medicine is not about caring. It’s about treating,” said Londo, “Our company-wide mission is to offer solutions for reaching and remaining at optimal health, as opposed to offering expensive ways to treat ailments once disease has fully set in.”

Red-light therapy can improve many bodily and cognitive functions in a non-invasive way. As Londo elaborated, “Our red-light therapy beds don’t even make you sweat. That’s how comfortable and barely warm they get. And they don’t emit harmful UVA or UVB light.” 

Per Londo, Body Balance System relishes helping people from all walks of life, whether it’s athletes using red-light therapy to recuperate post-workout or individuals looking to improve their sleep. “Red light therapy is a great and easy way to help the body improve a variety of functions,” said Londo, “I encourage everyone to give it a try and find out the benefits for themselves.”   

About Micheal Londo

Micheal Londo, founder and CEO, started Body Balance System to help his daughter who was born with a rare disorder and he found a need in the health industry. Today the company is proud to present the OvationULT bed as the most effective red-light bed in the industry and the ONLY bed designed for red-light therapy.