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Interview with Michael Hawkins “Director of Writink”

Michael Hawkins is the founder and director of the Writink Network, an editing and proofreading service that aims to deliver premium quality results at economical prices. Hawkins believes that they can introduce talented editors and proofreaders in the market through Writink’s Network. With the guidance of devoted and passionate leaders, the Writink Network has an impeccable vision for nurturing the next biggest stars of the industry.

Hi Michael, thanks for your precious time. Can you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, my name is Michael Hawkins, and I am the founder/director of Writink services. From a young age, when I used to take my online class, I’ve been working for different companies, providing editing and proofreading services. I have trained myself as a writer, editor, and proofreader with the foresight of developing a platform where people can avail all opportunities, instead of choosing different platforms for their academic activities.

Your area of expertise is Editing and Proofreading. What made you choose this niche?

I was always interested in academic activities but when I started my professional career, it made me want to explore more about how an essay or a dissertation can be corrected. Naturally, I arrived at proofreading and editing. From my working experience, I have observed how effective proofreading and editing can be for a student because Monica, you know that if the paper of a student is not well written, it can result in substandard grades which leads to a muddled future and I won’t let that happen in my wake.

What motivated you to establish Writink Services?

Many platforms provide scammy editing and proofreading services only to turn their profit. You see that they don’t care about students and their future, they just care about their money and market value. And In the lust for money, they play with the students’ future. In order to provide exclusive services, I and several other friends of mine(industry veterans) started a discussion of developing a platform where not just students but also writers can benefit from the expertise of the professionals at an economical price.

Tell me about the variety of services that you offer at WRITINK Platform?

We offer the services of editing, proofreading & writing paper services where our academic experts correct the language errors and ensure that your paper is consistent and academic in style. Monica, Writink is not just a corporation, it is a family, and whoever signs up with us becomes a part of our family. And you know what? We always strive to provide the best to our family.

How favorable is Writink Services for students?

Writink Services is an academic support network that focuses on providing premium quality content more than anything. Because many students avail these services through their pocket money or savings and they don’t have much to spend on costly services. That is why we offer favorable services to help students in their academic journey.

According to your point of view, what are the necessary components that make Writink the best services provider in the digital market?

We have hired young and talented editors and writers and have polished them to be the future leaders of the industry. The dedication of our team members, creativity in our work, consistency in our response, ability to provide the best outcomes with intense conditions, and the promise to deliver the best products in time are the components that make Writink the best and help it in standing out in the competitive curve.

What are your thoughts about your team?

Well, what can I say about my team when you can observe their performance by yourself. However, our creative minds aim to deliver every essay, dissertation, exam, and synopsis well-edited and proofread that exceeds the expectation of our clients. We also try to provide opportunities to youngsters so that they can prove themselves because I believe that we should always give a chance to others, someone once took a chance on me

What advice would you give to the individual who wants to start a Network like Writink Services?

I would suggest that they should have to be consistent, dedicated, diligent, and compassionate enough to start a network like Writink Services. Especially those who want to take my online exam, they should not have the lust for money but the sense of maintaining long-term relationships with their clients. So that they can spread their brand’s name in the digital market instead of running for money.

What can we expect from Writink Services in the future?

Writink Services is the best services provider and it aims to deliver the same finest services in the future. We wish to expand our brand and to increase our market value by continuously providing what’s best for our customers. We are inspired to pursue continuity in the greatness of our work.

Well, Thank you Michael for speaking with us. Would you like to say a few words at the end?

A dream does not become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to achieve what you wish for. What I have is not a dream because I have turned it into reality. I can say that I have worked hard, days and nights, without thinking about my social life or getting some spare time for myself. But now I have developed myself and have achieved what I had wished for. If you want to make your dreams come true, then work hard. Even though if you fail, you should try again because failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success.