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Interview with Maya Darwiche: Queen of beauty enhancements

Maya Darwiche, and subsequently MD-Esthetics, is the place to go to when it comes to getting beauty enhancements done. Maya Darwiche is an internationally certified PMU expert.

Today we speak with Maya about her journey with MD-Esthetics.

Hi, Maya! How did you first decide to get into the world of beauty enhancement?

The concept of beauty always intrigued me. After graduating with a business degree in 1994, I decided to join Mary Kay Cosmetics to beautify women. Little did I know it was a sales position and not a makeup artist job. As a “consultant” with Mary Kay, I was not permitted to apply the product on clients because I was not a licensed aesthetician yet. That was extremely frustrating to me, but it is the reason I pursued an education in aesthetics which lead me to where I am today.

What were your first steps into this world, did you have a career change of some sort?

I had career changes but makeup and beauty were always a constant on the weekends. I spent a couple of years in the corporate world assessing candidates for Ford Motor Company. Then I started a family and went back to school for an education degree. The idea was to find a job where I am free during the summer to spend more time with my four kids. I became a high school teacher.  That lasted 7 months. It was incredibly difficult to spend the entire day with 30 kids then come home to four. At that point I realized that I needed to be a full time mother to my kids and a part time beauty professional for me. I did just that.

Is there a lot of training and learning involved in this type of work?

There is. I take my job extremely seriously because I tattoo people’s faces. I also have the responsibility of making my clients look better. To do so I must know: skin anatomy and how it changes with age, facial aesthetics and how to achieve symmetry and feature enhancement, color and how it heals under different skin types, tattoo needles and different techniques to achieve certain healed effects, etc… A lot of learning is involved in my line of work; especially, since I make it a goal of mine to stay on top of the latest technologies and methods of micropigmentation aka cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup.

What made you want to start your own business?

I always wanted to work for myself. That is why I pursued a business degree as my first career choice. I enjoy the liberty of making decisions and seeing how they unfold into successes and failures. Obviously, the successes please me. The failures, on the other hand, are my driving force. Also, being somewhat of a rebel has landed me in a few unenviable situations as an employee, so naturally owning my own business became the clear and most suitable direction for me.

Do you see beauty enhancement becoming more and more popular in the future?

I do. Thanks to new technologies which allow us to create more natural looking enhancements; such as, hairstrokes and pixelated shading for eyebrows. Today, what used to be a treatment offered mainly to those who suffer from hair loss is now sought after by the general public simply because it looks very natural. And the fact that the new pigments we use allow the body to break down the color within a few years is another reason why I think cosmetic tattooing will continue to increase in popularity. Unlike the old days, permanent makeup is no longer a lifetime commitment. For example, eyebrow microblading starts to disappear after a couple of years; lip blush lasts about 3 or 4 years. Hence, women are able to get the enhancements as well as keep up with changing trends easily.

What do you think has become one of the most popular and in demand services?

For females, eyebrow microblading currently takes the lead as the most popular service. Eyebrow shading is a close runner up. Even though it often goes unnoticed, brows tend to be the most unsymmetrical feature on our face. So establishing the most subtle brow symmetry and shape adjustment makes the biggest difference in the overall aesthetic of the face. The one line I always hear from my clients after an eyebrow micropigmentation service is: “I look 10 years younger!” I guess that also explains the vast popularity of this service.

For my male clients, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is the most popular service. It is a hair replacement option for men suffering from receding hair lines, pre-mature hair loss due to disease, or scalp scarring.

Is there a large range in your clientele?

I see all sorts of beautiful people. Age wise my clients range between 18 and 86. Mostly female. Some clients just want to look normal after suffering total hair loss as a result of disease or medication. Others are looking for a cosmetic enhancement to boost their confidence. They are all amazing people from all walks of life. I am always honored that they trust me with their faces.

What is your personal favorite service for your own beauty needs?

It has to be lip blush. I am blessed in the eyebrow department. My lips, on the other hand, are losing their natural color and their definition. I tried lip fillers but my lips were still lacking definition and color, so I had my niece, who works with me, tattoo them for me and I am in love!

Thank you Maya for your time!
You can follow up with Maya Darwiche at or connect via IG @md__esthetics