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International Medical Aid Provides Life and Career-changing Healthcare Internships Abroad

While medical practitioners enjoy a robust and lengthy education, practical experience in a range of environments is necessary to fully round them out as professional healthcare providers. International Medical Aid (IMA) is a not-for-profit dedicated to offering pre-health students the chance to engage in life-changing and career-defining internships working in busy international hospitals.

Through partnerships with a global network of public and private hospitals, the organization delivers highly rewarding, hands-on work experiences that complement the educational background and skillset of volunteers.

IMA was founded by two Johns Hopkins University alumni and is focused on delivering programs that are ethical, sustainable, and mutually beneficial for interns and the communities they work in.

A trusted and globally recognised provider, IMA attracts a wide array of volunteers and interns every year, ranging from pre-med undergrads to medical students, nurses, physician assistants and full-fledged doctors. IMA’s dynamic approach means that it can offer a rewarding volunteer experience to medical practitioners and students with varying degrees of experience.

IMA’s internship opportunities cover nearly every field of medicine, ranging from nursing to dentistry and mental health. Each placement is carefully structured with dedicated clinician mentors joining interns to guide them through the experience.

Each program comes with thorough training modules covering infection control and region-specific orientations. There is also constant support provided by staff back in the US.

The safety of volunteers is a major focus for IMA, and all residencies abroad are housed within gated communities that are patrolled 24-7 by security personnel. Each program also includes accident and travel insurance without incurring any additional cost.

Currently, IMA offers volunteer and internship placements in communities located across East Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Through their holistic approach, IMA works with local communities to help deliver community-led programs that fight against the root causes of illness and disease.

The full-scale medical clinics that IMA deploys to underserved communities give interns the chance to get firsthand experience in areas that most need medical assistance. Under the close supervision of senior medical staff, volunteers get to make a meaningful impact.

During their placement, interns are also given a chance to take part in several sightseeing adventures including visits to wildlife reserves, national parks, waterfalls, and a myriad of other breathtaking sites.

Interns also benefit from an admissions consulting service that helps them leverage the experience they have gained in preparing their applications to medical school. Future doctors who want to make the greatest impact in their respective field will certainly want to take advantage of this aspect of IMA’s offer.

IMA is providing incredible opportunities for growth and development in medicine with a focus on making a lasting impact in the communities it serves.