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International Loops makes influencer marketing affordable for brands

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over the past decade.  Although celebrity-based advertising has existed for centuries – medieval jewelers often claimed to be the “Royal Jeweler” – never before has this form of advertising been so vital and necessary to a brand’s social media strategy.

Brand owners who are not using some form of influencer marketing are missing out on the best and most cost-efficient way to publicize the brand’s social media presence and increase page-views and sales.  More than 4 billion people worldwide use social media, and it doesn’t take an army of influencers or a Midas-sized marketing budget to tap into that well of potential customers.

In the burgeoning field of social-media based influencer marketing now populated by a growing number of Johnny-come-lately’s, International Loops is one of the oldest, most respected, and best known in the country.  The company was founded by self-made entrepreneur Jennifer Brooks, who began her social media life more than a decade ago as a top influencer in the parenting and “mommy blog” space, learning the ins and outs of every aspect of social media marketing.

When she later began to incorporate giveaway-based marketing into her own online presence, she soon found that the demand for these services from other brand owners began to occupy more and more of her time.  Jennifer’s “aha moment” came in 2015, when she realized the fantastic value she could add to other brand owners’ visibility and value by devoting all of her time and expertise to the social-media based influencer marketing space.  J

ennifer’s experience gives her unprecedented insight into all aspects of a customer campaign, from choosing the best influencer to customer demographic considerations to the timing of the campaign to ensuring a smooth idea-to-culmination campaign life cycle.

International Loops’ resume speaks for itself.  Repeat business from long-time, satisfied clients is the norm.  International Loops is known for its result-oriented services, delivered honestly, transparently, on-budget, and in compliance with all governing rules and regulations.  Influencer relationships form the life-blood of social media marketing, and they are in no short supply at International Loops.

The company has, over the years, conducted campaigns with A-level influencers like Jamie Foxx, Floyd Mayweather, JWOW, and Jamie Lynn Spears.  These relationships allow International Loops to offer even the most famous influencers to clients of almost any advertising budget.  Upcoming International Loops’ campaigns include Scotty Sire (3.1 million followers), Mica Suarez (2.8 million), Natalie Halcro (4.2 million), Gomita (2.3 million), and Kim Zolciak (3.1 million).

It takes star power on the Internet to capture the public’s attention.  This is more true than ever, with social media use continuing to skyrocket as people everywhere remain cloistered due to the pandemic.  For brand owners contemplating their next moves and hoping to introduce new people to their fantastic products or services while getting the most bang for their buck, there is only one call to make – International Loops.

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