INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY: a bilingual (French/English) program of excellence in an international environment

For more than two years, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has distinguished itself in the online school environment. Present on several continents — Europe, America (USA and CANADA), Asia, and Africa — the academy’s accelerated program has demonstrated true excellence.

Created by highly qualified teachers, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY offers children from CP to Terminale the opportunity to follow the French national education program as well as the American or English program and more recently the international program (IP), in the form of modules. This structure allows each child to complete his or her education as desired and to prepare for important exams such as the brevet des collèges, the French baccalaureate, the OIB, and the IB. The teachers who deliver the course content are certified and agrégés, and they have proven experience in their programs, having taught in France and abroad.

Because its mission is to help each child reach his or her full potential, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has created small class sizes in which individualized instruction is possible. Its mission is also to train enlightened citizens capable of thinking, creating, and innovating in a globalized environment; therefore, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has developed unique and innovative modules with active and transdisciplinary pedagogies based on projects such as digital music, creative writing, code, or entrepreneurship. Our students have written several books, programmed video games, and created various companies which have won prizes in international competitions.

OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY members also have the opportunity to access webinars and workshops with leading professors (ENS, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.), experts, Google engineers, theater directors, renowned artists, and digital and technological resources and tools that will prepare them to face the future with confidence.


If you’re looking for an outstanding education for your children that will enable them to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is the place to be.

To find out about the latest courses at OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, please visit its official website:

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