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Instagram Launches a New Feature that Allows Users to Post Longer Videos

Instagram has launched a long-form video feature that will enable users to upload hour-long video clips. IGTV allows users to create content that exceeds the present maximum of 1-minute clip limit for the very first time. However, it is unclear whether the long videos would comprise adverts or if the users would receive payment for their content as in other platforms such as YouTube. While addressing this concern, Kevin Systrom, the Instagram founder said that the company is not in a rush to figure that out.

IGTV is designed to show videos in portrait mode, and Instagram asserts that the portrait mode is the most natural way that people use phones. Alex Brinnand, a tech expert, states that the new video feature will make Instagram a dominant player in the social media sector. According to him,they are yet to witness the real Instagram’s power because there must be discussions in other platforms on the threat of IGTV.

Currently, users can only post sixty-seconds-long clips in the “feed” mode. Also, Instagram stories which usually expire after twenty-four hours feature a fifteen-second video limit per clip. In addressing these concerns, IGTV will act as a standalone app and also feature on the homepages of the users. Kevin added that Instagram intends to change the way people create and watch videos by shifting it from the traditional form such as TVs and Desktop computers.

Kevin also reports that most of the data indicate that people are spending lesser time watching TV and consuming more time on their phones. He, therefore, feels responsible for making changes to Instagram.

Users have only been able to post on Instagram using mobile phones, but with the new feature, it will be possible to upload clips on the desktop. Each Instagram user will have a channel which is similar to YouTube where there will be storage of videos. After updating the app, every user will get the channel. Kevin says that the difference between YouTube and IGTV is that the latter will have more engaging videos which may be emotional as well.

Just like other Instagram content, IGTV will also adhere to its rules and regulations. That means that users will not be allowed to post violent, nude, prejudiced and hateful content. Therefore, there will be approval of the video by the company before it gets uploaded. The regulations will ensure the safety of Instagram that is also welcoming and kind for all users.

Kevin Systrom adds that it is difficult to speculate on the monitoring of IGTV, but they will assess how the feature engages the user and ensure that is both safe and fair.