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In Beverly Hills, Simon Ourian Treats Cellulite Without Surgery

Cellulite is the one issue that almost all women share in common. In fact, 90% of women have dimpled skin on some part of their body and it is a safe assumption that most of them would do anything to make it go away.

Although diet and exercise can contribute to the orange peel looking skin, the unfortunate truth is that much of cellulite is simply caused by genetics. With the battle against genetics often being a futile one, many women turn to specialized treatments to remove cellulite.

Dr. Simon Ourian with his skin care brand, MDO

Dr. Simon Ourian, at the world renowned Epione skin clinic in Beverly Hills, has been treating this problem for years. As a beauty doctor to the stars, Dr. Ourian is highly acclaimed and trusted by his clients. Because of his A-list clientele, he is always on the cutting edge of skin treatments. His approach to cellulite is no different.

Dr. Ourian starting making headlines because of the great success he has had with Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a minimally invasive treatment that involves placing small incisions in the skin and then melting fat in order to eliminate to appearance of cellulite.

There is now a way to treat cellulite without surgery or other painful approaches. At Epione Beverly Hills, Dr. Simon Ourian has perfected a technique that is changing the world of cellulite treatment.

Despite the success of Cellulaze, Dr. Ourian is never satisfied with offering only one approach to skin treatment. In order to provide the newest approaches to meet all his client’s needs, Dr. Ourian is now providing a new cellulite treatment for those who have been searching for a non-invasive way to eliminate unsightly skin dimpling.

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Using a combination of ultrasound and Neustem dermal fillers, Dr. Ourian is making cellulite removal accessible to those who desire amazing results with a non-surgical approach. Neustem is used to ease the indentations that come with cellulite, while ultrasound radiofrequency further smoothes out the surface.

Dr. Ourian opened Epione Beverly Hills in 1998 because of his passion for giving people the youthful look that matched their youthful lifestyle. His passion has never waned and almost twenty five years later, Dr. Ourian is continually seeking out and developing safe and effective ways to give men and women the self-confidence they deserve.

Epione’s approach to cellulite removal is second to none. The addition of ultrasound treatment to his available offerings has opened the door to so many more people who are ready to stop seeing cellulite when they look in the mirror.

Join the elite clientele of Epione Beverly Hills who have already discovered the high quality treatment offered by Dr. Ourian. Follow him on Instagram today: @SimonOurianMD1.