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If you are searching for the best Orthopedic Surgeon in US, then Dr Bal Raj is the right person.

His rich experience of more than 15 years makes him the best in this field. 

Having worked for more than a decade, the board certified specialist has done excellent work in the field of medical science. There have been many who have made a great impact through their years of practice but there is one such medical professional whose exceptional work has won him the top most position of an orthopaedic surgeon and the patients who have undergone surgical procedures under him can vouch for it. Dr Bal Raj has been in the field since past 15 years and has treated many patients from different parts of the world who have been given the best treatment ever under the guidance of this eminent personality.

Dr Bal Raj is a board certified orthopedic surgeon who has clinics based in Dubai and Canada. His focus is on sports injuries, joint arthritis and extremity surgery, and he is excellent in these areas of work. Performing high quality surgical and non surgical procedures involving sports injuries are his forte. His work has beeb found to be exceptional, and many from the medical fraternity applaud his unique approach which is rare and makes a positive impact on the patients health. He is well recognized amongst many in the political circles, sports world and entertainment industry, and that’s the reason politicians, athletes and celebrities line up at his clinics for treatment. His face is popular as he is involved in many celebrity endorsements like the recent one which had Anderson Silva’s comeback.

His holistic approach combined with modern medication is what makes his treatment unique and stand apart from others. Having the latest equipments backed by modern technology makes his procedures all the more advanced. His deep knowledge in the field of medical science has made him contribute as a main writer for webMD in the past. He has even worked as a consultant for ABC medical news in the past. 

When asked about what his future plans are, Dr Bal Raj replies, “I want to expand my reach by establishing multiple medical centres at various locations which would help me in treating more patients who cannot come to my present clinics due to distance and travelling issues.”

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