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iCode School’s Founder, Abid Adebi on the Future of STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering, and math, commonly referred to as STEM, is an educational system that applies interdisciplinary research in learning and cognition from early childhood to graduate education. It is a multidisciplinary strategy for improving students’ chances of graduating and finding fulfilling jobs thanks to the system’s practical and problem-based instructions.

A student who has mastered STEM disciplines is more likely to be an analytical thinker and superbly creative. These students can easily leverage their knowledge to solve real-life problems and improve society. Students who graduate from high school with a solid grounding in STEM disciplines are well-prepared to pursue further studies and their desired professions. STEM skills are increasingly essential in landing a job in rapidly expanding technology-based economies.

Abid Adebi is a revolutionary and visionary leader who firmly believes in the STEM system for the betterment of the future workforce. He is also an established seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 startups in technology, wireless services, IT consulting, staffing services, food, real estate development, and education in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

Abid is also the founder of iCode, a dedicated platform for teaching kids how to code via hands-on, classroom-based STEM education. The innate philanthropist established iCode with a vision to provide children with much-needed quality computer science and technology education, better preparing them for a successful future. iCode stands out as a K-12 computer science and technology education franchise unlike any other.

According to Abid, STEM holds a significant role in molding the next generation for the future workspace. According to him, 65% of the jobs in 2030 are yet to be invented. “As our world continues to advance and create new jobs, our services have become less of a want and more of a need. We’re preparing children and young adults for the jobs of tomorrow, and they’re having a blast while doing it,” he explains.

As a result, iCode’s goal is to get kids off their phones and thinking critically by enrolling them in their fun, interactive, and educational coding classes. iCode’s classes are in a group setting, allowing kids to develop essential collaboration skills while thinking critically and having fun. Abid and team also incorporate vital soft skills through collaborative projects that challenge students to think in ways traditional education fails them.

“We have an entire team dedicated to regularly updating our organically developed, comprehensive curriculum. Children can either advance through the school’s Belt Program, learning every cutting-edge subject available while staying with the same core group of students, or they can enroll in camps and specific subjects,” Abid adds.

Unlike other concepts that solely focus on coding, iCode understands the changes in the job market, advancements in engineering, science, and more. Their wide variety of computer science programs reflect this and help children explore a variety of subjects. Moreover, with a proprietary curriculum, and a department whose sole purpose is to maintain and advance it, Abid believes they can consistently bring relevance to the STEM curriculum.