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How Nonprofit Organization I Am Because of Her Empowers Women to Lead Fulfilling Lives

I Am Because Of Her is a nonprofit organization located in Southern Nevada with a mission to help women maximize their potential. Concluding her divorce and embarking into a system with limited resources for women, founder Shay Horch, saw the necessity to create a space where women could gain confidence in any category that suited their interest or passion.

Having a supportive system through the good times and the bad is incredibly important and allows people the space to find their life path with confidence. Having an environment that allows you to explore yourself, make mistakes, learn, and grow grants an amazing opportunity for women to flourish and is what I Am Because of Her aims to deliver. The non-profit organization has spent the past 5 years growing their reach and aiming to help as many women as possible.

The key values of the organization are empowerment, connection, and transformation of lives. Giving women a voice to ensure that they are recognized and heard. I Am Because Of Her will give women the freedom to create their own path driven by their own unique destinies. One of the main things that they offer is giving women the skills needed to succeed in any career. Having a career that you are passionate about is often what makes for a fulfilling life.

I Am Because of Her - organization

I Am Because of Her aims to demonstrate to women that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to. In sharing stories from women and providing a space for them to open up about both their struggles and successes, they hope to inspire more young women to pursue paths that make them feel empowered, and above all, happy. Another important service that I Am Because of Her provides is monthly care packages. For women and girls impacted by Covid-19, these packages have been life changing.

With fundraising galas each year and plenty of opportunity to share your story or to donate, I Am Because of Her is an excellent non-profit organization to support. If you are a woman looking to inspire others or are simply someone who is passionate about supporting women to become their very best, I Am Because of Her is the perfect platform.

I Am Because of Her

You can follow I Am Because of Her at or IG@ i_am_because_of_her