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HungryPanda Hosted Golden Panda Award Gala and Cooperated with Deliverect to Analyse AU Food Delivery Market

The Golden Panda International Chinese Cuisine Award Gala, organised by HungryPanda, has been celebrated in Melbourne on 8th December. The event is also a summit for global food delivery industry, providing valuable industrial insights and analysing the development trend in 2023.

HungryPanda, the world-leading Asian food delivery platform hold its first Golden Panda Award and invited politicians, industrial leaders, and Chinese restaurants owners to analyse the market and establish an industrial benchmark. During the summit, HungryPanda also invited Deliverect for a keynote speech. Jeremy Van Dille, APAC General Manager at Deliverect, the world’s leading takeaway order management platform, gave guests an analysis of the current state of the Australian takeaway market and brought predictions for growth to 2023.

Jeremy Van Dille
Jeremy Van Dille analyzed the Australian takeaway market

The New York and London-based order management platform announced a $150 million Series D round of funding at a $1.4 billion valuation earlier in the year. The platform, which is dedicated to helping restaurants connect and streamline business processes such as sourcing, delivery and ordering, is growing rapidly, with its software now reaching 20,000 merchants in 40 markets, a number that has doubled in less than a year.

Jeremy spoke at the event about the rapid growth of the takeaway industry over the past two years, with 60% of Australians now using the takeaway platform on a daily basis, and these people completing at least three orders per week. This figure has been affected by inflation, while retrospectively more than 65% of daily choices for takeaway six months ago. This also means that there is a lot of space in the takeaway market as the economy improves and inflation slows down.

Jeremy also talked about how word-of-mouth is crucial for users. According to the data analysis, 48% of users will not continue to choose the restaurant after a failed order, and there is a 25% chance that they will share with family and friends to “avoid” the restaurant. In terms of user dissatisfaction, Deliverect found that long delivery time (35%), incomplete orders (32%), incorrect meals (30%) and high pricing compared to dine-in (28%) were the most important concerns for users. These findings provide a good reference value for merchants and can be improved in these areas to avoid excessive orders and user churn.

At the same time, Australians are more likely to order on weekends than weekdays, with 35% of users choosing to order multi-person meals on weekends via the takeaway platform so that they can be shared with family and friends. This is an increase of 2.3 times over weekdays.

Pizza tops the list of common orders for Australians, followed by fish and chips for Australians. But surprisingly Chinese food shot to the third position, which shows the love of Australians for Chinese food and the development of Chinese food in the region. Jeremy analyzed that Chinese food is becoming more and more popular in Australia, and people are more inclined to choose Chinese food that has rich flavors. Besides, the large number of Chinese in Australia has also become one of the reasons for the rapid development of Chinese food. The current easing of relations between Australia and China and the increasing number of Chinese coming to Australia are bound to give a better boost to the development of Chinese food, and the Chinese people’s existing takeaway habits will continue to drive the development of the local takeaway market.

Kitty Lu, PR Director of HungryPanda, Australia’s largest Chinese takeaway platform, said: “We are honoured to have Deliverect present at the Golden Panda International Chinese Food Festival. We have already cooperated with Deliverect in several countries, and through their professional data analysis team and powerful order management system, we can also better understand the preferences of local users and make adjustments to our platform and services based on real-time feedback to provide quality delivery services to our users.”

HungryPanda, which has been upholding the idea of providing better and more convenient services to the overseas Asian community for several years, is also improving the digitalization of Asian merchants, bringing more opportunities for development.

The event’s attendance is also a snapshot of Hungrypanda’s cooperation with Deliverect. Following the multi-location collaboration in business, the two companies will continue to work more closely in multiple dimensions such as data analysis, business activities and sustainability, empowering the development of overseas Chinese food and raising the standards of the overall takeaway industry.

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