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How Young YouTube Star Barvina is Encouraging Other to Care for the Planet

Barvina is a YouTube sensation. She has gained a significant following across her many channels due to her funny and engaging content. She is also passionate about our planet and believes that irresponsible consumption is leading to climate change and negatively affecting the earth and its flora and fauna. She speaks about her channel and why this issue is so important to her.

Hi Barvina, to begin can you tell us about yourself?

Hi thanks for having me. My name is Margaryta Voytenkova but I go by the name Barvina on my Instagram and social media channels. I enjoy making all kinds of videos for my followers to enjoy. I make vlogs, skits, reaction videos and more. I have gained over 10 million subscribers across my various channels!

Barvina Margaryta Voytenkova

How did you become interested in educating people about climate change?

Climate change is something that is effecting all of us around the world. No matter what country you live in, we all live on planet earth. Over consumption and wasting resources is leading to us harming our home planet earth. This is something that I find very sad and I believe that we all need to do better to ensure that earth and all of its flora and fauna can remain safe and happy.

What do you believe will happen in the future if we do not take climate change seriously?

Climate change only continues to get worse as we ignore it. The more irresponsibly we live our lives, the more the planet continues to die. Flora and fauna go extinct, extreme weather conditions occur, these are just a few of the things that will continue to happen if we do not take climate change seriously.

Can you tell us about your recent editorial that promoted awareness of climate change?

I had the idea to do an editorial to raise awareness about climate change and its impact. I wanted to represent the art as fauna experiencing the destruction caused by excess waste and pollution. The images came out extremely powerful and gained a massive response from my social media followers.

How can people reduce their impact and care for the earth?

The first step to doing your bit for the planet is to be aware of how you consume. Many products that we buy are not sustainable and contain harmful pollutants such as plastic. Reducing what you consume and consuming items that are environmentally friendly and sustainable is a great first step for people to take if they want to reduce the effects of climate change. I also believe that we should all spread awareness about this issue in order to help our earth.

Barvina Margaryta Voytenkova

Thank you Barvina for your time!

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