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Are you sick of your smartphone letting you down? Here’s how you can get it fixed quickly with iFixHere

A dodgy and unreliable phone can be one of the most annoying setbacks. Whether it’s your battery life depleting suddenly, a blank screen, or something a little more innocuous, like slightly slower performance, many of these problems can be solved using a quick fix. Thankfully, iFixHere is one of the best providers of smash repairs for smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smartwatches in the United States. With offices across New York, New Jersey, CT, MA, iFixHere is your best local provider if you live in one of these states!

Rapid service

One thing that sets iFixHere apart from their competitors is their ability to provide rapid and effective service. In fact, they specialize in providing same-day tablet and phone repairs, sometimes completing the job in under 30 minutes (depending on the severity of the issue). Indeed, this means that customers can shop briefly and do what they need to do for that day, and then head back to the store to pick up their device – completely repaired!

Mail-in option

Given the rise of COVID-19 throughout the United States, iFixHere has developed an effective mail-in option. This is designed for people who prefer to avoid crowded shopping centers, or vulnerable individuals wanting to abide by strict social distancing measures during the pandemic. Firstly, find your local store and note the address. Send the device to our store and then call/email us to let us know what the problem is in advance. We clean every single device extensively to minimize the spread of germs and to maintain good health and hygiene!


Finally, iFixHere offer great discounts to veterans, students and teachers, including 10% on repairs and 50% on some accessories, so long as you bring a valid ID. Furthermore, the business has been offering a unique, temporary discount to healthcare workers, as a way of thanking them for their work during the pandemic.

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