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How XLNT Foods Is Bringing A Californian Staple Nationwide

XLNT Foods has been a Californian tradition since it was established in 1894 – based in Long Beach and with a distribution network across the west coast, the team was synonymous with culture, class, and delectable delights. Their expertise with Beef Tamales and Chili Con Carne was legendary in the communities they catered to, not to mention their deep ties and historical presence as being the longest running Mexican food brand in the entire United States.

It should go without saying that XLNT Foods is anything but ordinary – and they’ve just made the crucial step in ensuring that the entire country has the same delectable pleasures that Californians have enjoyed for over a century. They’ve joined the ranks of so many before them by opening up an exclusive online store that offers nationwide shipping on all of their products.

Yes, that means that their world-famous Beef Tamales & Chili Con Carne can be ordered and delivered right to your door with a single click, and without a worry.

Mexican Tradition In Every Bite

As we’ve already mentioned, XLNT has been a staple of the great state of California for over a century, showcasing unwavering dedication to delivering mouthwatering traditional dishes that capture the essence of their origins. To put it into perspective, XLNT Foods had a humble beginning, starting out as a pushcart that wandered down Southern Californian roads, selling nutritious and scrumptious lunches to California’s earliest residents.

Their dedication to keeping things authentic is hard to deny, with the simple fact that they have been a locally owned and operated enterprise since the very beginning. XLNT keeps their focus where it belongs – the food. For instance, their recipes have not been adjusted or changed since their inception. and contain more specially seasoned beef than any other in order to satisfy even the biggest appetite!

XLNT Foods Store Products

The world is awash with sterile and clinical examples of authentic cooking gone awry, XLNT has made it their mission to prove that you can achieve success with the right passions, and the right recipes.

Classic Cuisine & Modern Delivery

Their recent announcement of their new dynamic web store has the whole foodie community buzzing.Not only because their recipes are so well renowned, but also because of their fancy UI that makes ordering authentic and tasty meals just got a whole lot easier.

The owners of XLNT were inspired to finally go nationwide with their distribution due to an increasing and almost overwhelming demand – even the ex-Californians who had moved interstate are welcoming this announcement with open arms.

XLNT Foods have made their presence felt in the marketplace already, catching up to their competitors and showing that they will be a major player in the years to come. On top of their express shipping offerings which accommodates for the warmer and colder months accordingly, they’ve doubled down with their fierce competitive prices – even insofar as to showcase their total package deals in comparison to competitors.

Exclusive Deals For The Uninitiated

Let’s be clear, when it comes to authentic Mexican food, there are very few that can espouse true authenticity and taste without an exorbitant price tag attached. XLNT Foods is certainly the cream of the crop. If you’re still on the fence about indulging in an age-old recipe crafted by the original artisans of Mexican food in the USA, we have some even better news – there are some lucrative and exclusive deals for online customers.

From specially selected Tamale & Chili Con Carne multi-packs being exclusively available on the brand new XLNT platform. One bite and you’ll agree, tradition is always the superior choice.