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How Upcoming Artist Miloud Built His Career Using Social Media

In the highly competitive music industry, new artists have to work extra hard to make a name for themselves. For the Netherlands-based artist Miloud, his strategy to gain fame depended on his social media presence. For years, he has slowly built his reputation through his personal accounts, and now he’s one of the top upcoming artists that people are looking forward to the most.

Many people knew Miloud from different platforms. His earliest fans know him from Hyves, a social media network in the Netherlands. Some may have also seen him on top platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. There are also newer fans who only heard of his name since he started to gain a large number of listeners on Spotify.

Regardless of where they have first heard of Miloud, they all became a part of his growing fanbase because of the music he makes. A large part of his success and increasing reputation can be credited to how he started his career on social media at a very young age.

Miloud was only nine when he decided that he would pursue music. The lack of a platform to share his talent didn’t stop him. Instead, it only encouraged him to push further. A little over a decade ago, he started his journey in Hyves, where he once belonged to the top 20 most renowned public figures on the platform.

After two years, Miloud started to dream bigger and decided to be active on Twitter as well. He couldn’t be more glad to gain many supporters from the platform, and some are even still with him until now. Later on, he targeted a bigger audience and began to make a name for himself on Instagram and TikTok.

In April 2020, Miloud decided that he needed to start uploading his tracks on a renowned music streaming platform if he wants to grow further as an artist. He only began releasing his music a little over a year ago but has already caught the attention of music lovers from around the world. He now has 21.5k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Miloud is an inspiration for young talents and new musicians who really want to establish themselves in the music industry. If he didn’t persist in building his reputation through social media, he wouldn’t have been the famous personality that he is now. If he stopped at only one platform, his fanbase would most likely have not been as big as it is now.

If not for all the effort he put into building a reputation for himself through social media, he would have remained an unknown talent. However, he has been diligent in his efforts and has made the right decisions to gain a following for himself on social media platforms that have immensely helped in his music career.

In the future, Miloud plans to continue using social media to gain more fame as a musician. He wants to prove that although he started small, he’s more successful than many others. He wants to be persistent and continue to work hard despite the challenges to achieve his goals.